There will be weekly release columns

…right now, as a matter of fact.

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Here’s a rarity: Not only does Atlus have two games out this week, but they neither one have to compete with some triple-A major league title. I guess they should enjoy it now before Etrian Odyssey II goes up against the twin goliaths of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 in June. Armed with nothing but a rusty fork.
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New movies arrive this week, as every week. Meanwhile, I’m about a billion years behind; this weekend I finally got around to watching No Country For Old Men and Sweeny Todd — the latter with unwarranted reluctance. I’d heard its soundtrack and hated it, but I failed to account for the redemptive potential of Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp performing half of a barbershop quartet together.

15 thoughts on “There will be weekly release columns

  1. Considering the word-of-mouth Etrian got over the past few months, I’d say it’s FFTA2 that should be worried, what with its predecessor’s stigma and all.

    That said, I’m probably going to buy both anyway, since I’m a corporate whore like that.

  2. Hoo boy, if you’re under the impression that Ikaruga is one of the hardest shooters, just wait for Cave to release DoDonPachi on Live Arcade. Not to say it isn’t one of the best; I hate judging shooters more than any other genre just by sheer difficulty.

  3. Ah, PapillonReel, were that this site’s audience indicative of gaming fandom at large.

    Actually, that would probably be kind of awful. I think we’re content to be in the niche… and I think Atlus is, too, and happy to produce games that don’t require a million day-one sales to succeed.

  4. Once again, Reibeatall ignores the soccer game just released on DS. A few weeks or so ago he neglected “Real Soccer 2008” DS and this week he criminally overlooks “Fab Five Soccer”.

    I’m starting to think that Gamespite.Net just isn’t the place for me to get my soccer coverage. ;)

    That out of the way, I’m super interested in “Oshiri Kajiri Mushi no Rhythm Lesson”. It might be Rhythm Tengoku w/ daily training elements? YES PLEASE. Someone please import it and tell me if it’s so.

    Not too happy with the DVD wrap-up on the DVD column side. It seemed like a good idea at the time — looks pretty ugly in the cold light of morning. Would appreciate some feedback from you commenters! Would you prefer less movies covered in the traditional “paragraph blurb” style, or more movies covered with the vast majority getting a one sentence write-up instead.

    Trying to find a balance between comprehensiveness of titles covered and comprehensiveness of the type of coverage they get.

  5. Hey hey hey hey. The Sixth Day at least has one thing going for it: the best one-liner in the history of stupid action films. Okay, it’s not technically a one-liner, but…

    “Well, if you feel that way, you should clone yourself while you’re still alive.”
    “Why, so I can get your… unique perspective on things?”
    “No, so you can go f*** yourself.”

    As for the one-sentence blurbs, I’m thinking that it might just be a trick of formatting. I’d like to see more than just pick/shame/one-liners, but maybe this just wasn’t the week for it. 3-4 movies written up is good for me, and that gives some meat to the :D :) :( D: progression that the article usually takes.

  6. Oshiri Kajiri Mushi no Rhythm Lesson? I need to look this up, because that looks like “butt-gnawing bugs.”

    OK, apparently it’s some NHK show about magical bugs that bite city folk on the ass to make them happy. Moving on.

  7. Hmm, it seems you are currently right Dave. Famitsu reported that there was supposed to be a DDP DaiOuJou release on Live Arcade, but according to wikipedia, some guy from the company that was supposed to do the porting claimed that MS nixed it for some reason or other.

  8. I was really proud of myself for not sucking terribly at Ikaruga, then learned that there are apparently much more difficult shooters in existence. Oh well, I’m content with my small piece of TREASURE-made, bullet-hell greatness.

  9. vsrobot, If I have to choose, I do prefer comprehensiveness of titles covered over type of coverage, but I do enjoy the blurbs.

  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess the column will expand and contract based on the quality of the films, and the time I have available for writing it. Please continue to give me any feedback you have — I definitely take it into consideration when I write.

  11. I just have to stop in to say that The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is totally awesome. Sadly I recently picked it up on DVD, so I probably can’t justify re-buying it at Blu-Ray prices right now, but I appreciate its existence nonetheless.

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