An exciting new tradition

I decided not to post anything yesterday either here or at work save for a slightly late Retro Roundup due to my ongoing revulsion that the entire Internet becomes stupid every year on April 1. I think in future years I will simply not going online at all for the entire day. I wonder if ZD docks pay for being absent due to righteous protest.

I’m very happy with the header I created for this week’s roundup, by the way. If I had my way, everything in the world would be designed to look like a Master System package. That Times Roman text over a blue grid on white could well be the pinnacle of human achievement! Or at least charmingly kitschy. I think my generation is incapable of determining the difference.

Speaking of stupid things, the palpable enthusiasm of everyone currently on the Grand Theft Auto IV review, combined with Kohler’s “GTA Virgin” thing, has chiseled stress cracks in the wall of my apathy about the game. I kind of figured I’d had enough of the series after San Andreas’ gloriously ambitious but infuriatingly flawed experience, and the publisher’s consistent efforts to be completely awful to work with haven’t done much to change my mind. But… mmm, sandboxes. I was thinking about maybe delving into one of the GTAs I’ve skipped over the past few years, but then I said, “Eh,” and instead slapped some graphics and reformatting on that ancient Diary of a Vigilante… for Justice! feature. So much less wasteful of my time.

8 thoughts on “An exciting new tradition

  1. “the entire Internet becomes stupid every year on April 1.”

    Honestly it would be better if 90% of the pranks weren’t a lame waste of time. My rule is, if it isn’t still interesting on April 2nd or you don’t get to ream someone who deserves it but good, it’s not worth doing.

  2. I don’t think I really get the 4/1 hate I see everywhere. The Internet is full of stupid attempts at humor year-round–at least some people try to be a little creative for April Fool’s.

  3. Because on 4/1 everyone becomes stupid and deeply not-funny. When it’s an isolated person here or there, hey, no worries. When you can’t click a link without some retarded attempt at a joke, no thanks.

  4. I guess you didn’t have a hand in Lego Halo then?

    (Our April Fool’s joke, for the record, was making public a ‘private’ section of the Caravel forums in which we pre-populated posts where the development team basically acted like immature megalomaniacs. The joke works well because the joke’s ‘oh there is a glitch’ and everyone gets all concerned right up until they give in and read it, and then they get to at least have a giggle. We stole the idea from Three Rings who did it a few years ago.)

  5. I finally found one of those people who hates April-1-on-the-internet whom I’d heard so much about. That makes good sense since discontent is the cornerstone of this website–wouldn’t have it any other way. I for one love the day immensely, my favorite day of the year for online purposes. But it’s not confined to the internet by any measure. You’d have to turn off all media if you really want to avoid the deluge. Even NPR is in on it.

    OK, now I sound like I need my tinfoil.

  6. Speaking of gimmicky holidays, I think I’m gonna be a Master System Cover for Halloween. I already have a “sheet of graph paper” costume, so it should be easy.

  7. Please go as Pro Wrestling with a dismembered head tucked under your arm. Hell, if you don’t, I will.

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