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Luckily, when you find yourself lost in the Lady room and there’s no one to help you find your way, Japan also provides helpful maps of its restrooms. It’s not entirely unwelcome, since hand soap and hand-drying facilities are very difficult to find. Sometimes even… non-existent.

11 thoughts on “Helpful advice

  1. One other thing that is nigh impossible to find is a bloody trash can. Unless I’m inches from a vending machine, I am forced to cradle my cans, papers and bottles for hours.

  2. That Lady section looks like it’s getting ready to consume the entirety of the men’s area. I hope you peeked inside to see how magnificent things are for The Lady of Japan.

  3. Yes, the lady is quite spoiled for choices. Though on my first quick glance, I thought this was the PCB for some obscure Japanese arcade game.

  4. Yeah, bathroom technology is the one place where Japan’s patriarchal society collapses into amazonian chaos. And agreed on trash, almost — recycling bins for cans and bottles are everywhere, but plain ol’ “gomi” bins are much rarer beasts. I confess that I have dumped plastic trash in a bottle bin after walking four busy blocks without seeing a single trash can.

  5. You need the compass. Then, the soap dispensers will appear as a flashing icon on the map.

  6. Hand soap non-existant. Hah. I was in that wonderful train station in Kyoto, once, and TOILET PAPER was non-existant.

  7. The braille in the middle of that sign looks ridiculously complicated. Those handicap stalls look absolutely posh though.

  8. This reminds me of the time I was in the US Airways terminal of SFO and the paper towel dispenser was labeled “Take only what is absolutely necessary,” and then I felt guilty for taking any at all when people in Japan are expected to do without any at all. The dispenser was judging me as I took two sheets, I just know it.

    Also, the best restroom I ever went to in Japan was in the McDonalds under the Kawanishi-Noseguchi station. Hot water, soap, hand dryer, fancy heated toilet what with all the jets and some peppy jazz music to boot. I was literally astounded at all the amenities provided.

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