Further disappointments

Talk about a letdown. I went in here hoping for some advice on renting a summer condo in Tokyo…

But that wasn’t what this place was about at all.

Still, occasional instances of deceptive naming aside, I’d have to say yesterday ranks among my better birthdays. If I have to be reminded that I’m growing old and dying, it might as well be in a place where old people are allowed to be incredibly rude to anyone without liver spots. Hope for the future, there.

Oh, if you want to read about gaming stuff, I’ve posted about my 15-minute layover at Super Potato in my 1UP blog.

9 thoughts on “Further disappointments

  1. Getting old and conjuring Grandpa Simpson: “Latex Condos. I’d love to live in one of those.”

    A virtual boy? Fully functional? Nice. Did you see any of the street performers, yesterday, in Akihabara? I’m still not convinced that cosplay is a viable profession; but, seemed to work from some of the young ladies.

  2. Now we need a new DS game featuring “Cupid” the mascot of this fine establishment.

  3. happy birthday, parish. if you happen to see any bandai reissue max or miriya veritechs, think of me.

  4. I stopped in Super Potato this afternoon. I saw Shiren 2 and thought of you; then I thought about being creepy so I didn’t actually buy it in hopes of sending it to you for your adulation. Happy Birthday!

  5. Getting old sucks. But getting old in Japan? Not too shabby! (Just think of every old guy you’ve ever seen in manga/anime… wait… no…)

    Anyway, happy birthday!

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