It’s 5 a.m. and we’re off to look at a fish market auction. Jetlag? What’s that? Ah hahahahahoh god kill me

On the plus side, the view of central Tokyo from my top-floor apartment window pretty much makes me want to stand looking over the sleeping city and cackle about how my secret army of cyborgs will rule the world, Knight Sabers be damned.

8 thoughts on “Gnungh

  1. When/If I ever do visit Japan, I’ll go by a friend’s advice and stay up the night before (preferably, I’ll also take an overnight flight.) There’s a phase of jetlag where the body, as wired as it is by finding itself in a new environment, will keep running for a good eight hours. But when you crash, you crash. Usually very badly.

    And watch out for those orbital laser satellites. They sting a little.

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