Live from Japan, hopefully

I am off to the land of vending machines and cherry blossom viewing parties. If all goes well, I will have a cell phone waiting for me at my hotel which is capable of emailing photos — meaning I should be able to upload pics directly to my Flickr account, which RSS feed you see below. So by tomorrow this space will, hopefully, be full of rapidly-updating images. If not, well, at least you can rest assured knowing that I am having more fun than you.

Assuming this works, you’ll see various pictures here. And assuming I have Internet access at my hotel, I’ll also add a few new posts below the photos. So scroll down if you’d kindly be so kind.

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10 thoughts on “Live from Japan, hopefully

  1. You should at least have time to finish Etrian now. Go on, map that last floor. You know you wanna.

  2. The International Terminal in SFO is indeed the best airport terminal in the world. I can’t remember the name of it, but there was a Mexican restaurant there that had some of the best Mexican food I’veever had in California.

  3. You bastard! You beat me by a day. I just flew into SFO for my evening layover. I’m riding on that giant phallus with wings over to Nippon manana.

    I’m pretty excited, but; because I’m currently unemployed, I’m sure our experiences will differ greatly: you, with you internet celeb cash will be enjoying all that is decadent, while I sample in the scraps of sympathetic tourists in Roppongi. Awwww, adulthood.


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