No column for old releases

But we have two columns for new ones.

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Lots of people seem to hate No Country for Old Men due to it not having a tidy Hollywood ending or some such, which makes me like it on principle. Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be watching Appleseed Ex Machina for work, but I’ve developed a Pavlovian terror reflex about anything associated with Masamune Shirow. Two words: Cowgirls. Milking. Friggin’ Shirow.

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Yesterday I was the only person in America not playing Smash Bros. Brawl. It was a good feeling. A pure feeling. Meanwhile, I’ve played entirely too much of Ring of Fates, which (like all games masterminded by Akitoshi Kawazu) means well but performs poorly. It’s not bad, but Square Enix should know better than to make stupid DS interface mistakes that were overcome in 2005.

8 thoughts on “No column for old releases

  1. Don’t worry, Mr. Jeremy, soon enough there will be some sort of dental-r*pe anime (if there isn’t already) to confirm your poor first impression of that dentist’s office DS game.

  2. First safewords and then shunga minigames. Parish is taking the innuendo to town lately. Hopefully this means someone is catching pearls rather than just losing them.

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