Your weekly consumerist reminder

Sure, the American economy continues to crumble as the nation’s capitalistic, democratic and socialist institutions all go tits-up simultaneously. But hey! That’s no reason not to squander your money on stupid things you don’t need, like movies and video games. Enjoy ’em now, while you can afford to buy non-food items. After all, currently staple food costs are merely double what they were a year ago, rather than the five-fold increase we’ll likely see a year from now. Enjoy!

New Game + | Weekly Game Releases
Since I decided to write up weekly imports at 1UP after debuting it here, I debated whether or not to continue providing import write-ups for New Game + — and then I realized that writing here affords me the freedom to be a complete jerk lacking in my professional endeavors. More importantly, the kids picked Shiren as game of the week over God of War. I’m seriously moved.

Add to Queue | Weekly DVD Releases
I haven’t seen any of this week’s flicks, unsurprisingly, but based on trailers I’m pretty sure that watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium would make me fall out of love with Natalie Portman. But that’s undoubtedly why she accepted that project. It was her way of letting me down gently. Pure class all the way — that’s my Natalie.

P.S., I resuscitated Retro Roundup. Just in time to mark Nintendo effectively giving up on the service, too! At this point I suspect Nintendo’s not making much money on downloads that don’t have “Mario,” “Sonic” or “Zelda” in the title, and since they’re just about out of eligible Mario, Sonic and Zelda games to port over I suspect we’ll see them content to rest on the laurels of the big-name back-catalog titles which are already extant on the service without putting any real effort into future releases. I could be wrong, of course! But probably not.

Isn’t it nice to start the week with so much optimism?

15 thoughts on “Your weekly consumerist reminder

  1. As I said to the Tyrants, I think we should take your theory and peddle it as being a rumour from an ‘insider source’ and see if we can’t stir up the hornet’s nest.

  2. I really hate the way he fishes for compliments by attacking himself then waiting for others to defend him


  3. After the prequel trilogy I discovered that nothing can make me fall out of love with Natalie Portman. Must be some sort of forgiveness mechanism I’ve created in my own mind.

  4. My game of the week’s that little Sakurai number this one Kyoto company’s dropping Saturday night/Sunday morning. I thought Gamespite isn’t against supporting such obscure imports!

  5. I’ve got to say that I’m not a fan of all the game (and movie) titles having the same square size. Bring back standardized width but variable height!

  6. Hey Parish. Next time you have a word with the fine folks at Nintendo, yes, even as tight-lipped as they are, could you possibly find a nice way of asking them what the bloody fuck they’re doing with the virtual console?

    Thank you for your time and effort, and I’m sorry for stinking up your comment section with foul language.

  7. Hey, I’m out of the loop or something, what’s up with Metroid Prime 3 this week? Are they just now getting it in Japan?

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