East side story

So, ah, my guilt got the best of me. After wondering aloud whether I should have done the import portion of New Game+ on 1UP instead of here, my soul started nagging me until I revisited it in a somewhat more professional manner. The emphasis in this alternate version is more on slightly sincere write-ups and analyzing the games’ prospects to make it stateside. The formatting is hideous, but that’ll be sorted out in future weeks. I guess.

I actually learned a few things, though. For instance, I had assumed Sony’s My Stylist was simply a sort of pocket guide to grooming or how to tell if your skin tone is an autumn or whatever, but no. It’s actually so much more awesome. Instead, the game (well, “game”) contains a camera attachment and works by making the player (“player”) snap photos of items in his or her wardrobe. Then it tells you whether or not they match.

I think I made Sharkey’s day when I asked him if he’d preview it.

Anyway, a new Retronauts is due in a few hours. I say this a lot, so people probably don’t believe me anymore, but this one’s really kind of a mess. I’m telling you now so you can take the Retronauts feed out of your RSS aggregator and keep yourself safe.

Also, a few days ago I linked to a site that had a big photo post on Etrian Odyssey II‘s warm reception in Akihabara (and the game ended up moving nearly 70,000 copies in a week, which is kind of mind-blowing given what a hardcore niche kind of gamer it is designed for). That post was fine, but I would like to recommend that you never, ever go back there, because after further examination it appears that an innocent post about retro RPGs is sort of atypical for them. Based on their front page, it appears they’re much more interested in moé hentai comics and posting images of plastic figurines depicting bound, naked, underaged girls crapping on themselves. Is it my imagination, or has Japanese nerd culture begun developing some really alarming little niches over the past couple of years?

14 thoughts on “East side story

  1. It’s not your imagination Jeremy. I look at all the daily updates for NCSX and Play-Asia and the Japanese are producing some wierd plastic figurines these day.

    Anyways, sweet, Etrian II is doing well in Japan. Hopefully Atlus USA is aware of the first game’s popularity here…

  2. Parish, the reason Retronauts is one of my favorite podcasts is because you always seem so bitter when you’re hosting them.

    I think we determined that you spice up podcasts with your very un-spicy nature.

  3. Then you’ll be pleased to know this week’s episode literally begins with me sighing in resignation.

  4. What is this week’s episode anyway? My mind fails me.

    Actually Jeremy, you neglected to mention that Sony absolutely will not allow any sort of porn on their consoles, so all of the dating sim/etc. games have all the naughty bits extracted from them. It makes it marginally less perverted, but at least you won’t have to claw your eyes out from whatever weirdness Japan thinks of next.

  5. Suddenly, everything Philliam’s said is starting to make sense. W. T. F.

    Also: 70k for EO2? That’s amazing, I didn’t think it’d do that well. I guess that means a stateside release is all but confirmed at this point?

  6. Wow, long podcast this week – should prove a suitable diversion at work tomorrow.

    Japanese nerd culture developed those disturbing niches more than just a couple of years ago – they really scare me sometimes (and this is coming from someone who bought Idolmaster – it’s far more innocuous than you make it sound, though I admit a lot of it’s fandom really isn’t).

  7. And yet my work filter doesn’t block Fark or Something*Positive. I didn’t think they were that hip.

  8. No, it’s not just you. I’m starting to fear telling people I like anime and videogames, because I think they might group me in with those people.

    No, I have a fiancee. No, I’m not into maids. No, poop isn’t a turn on, and neither is tentacle rape.

  9. I’m with you on all of your points, Shake; but, I can’t empathize with your dislike of maids. As long as she’s over the age of 18 and in some facsimile French ensemble, I’m there!

  10. Ruminating on “Bishojo Sentai Petalicon”….

    “It’s an action gag manga (with little (?) eros); girls with shameful look fight against creatures from other space. You will be huffing and puffing.”

    I have realized its attractiveness.

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