Etria ends with you

Square Enix is out to sabotage my efforts to finish Etrian Odyssey. There’s no other way to explain it. I’ve been meaning to wrap up the game for months and finally earn that congratulatory password to import into the sequel, but every time I’ve resumed the quest in the past few weeks another SE review build arrives. First there was Ring of Fates, then Crisis Core. I wrapped up the latter this afternoon, but before I could sink my teeth into the next leg of the yggsdrasil labyrinth The World Ends With You arrived. It’s about as far to the opposite extreme from Etrian Odyssey as you can get without stepping entirely out of the medium.

I first took this one for a spin back at TGS 2006, at which point I promptly decided that it makes no damn sense whatsoever. Maybe I will feel differently once I can understand what precisely is happening and how I’m supposed to control characters on two different screens at once… but I’m not counting on it. Wish me luck.

8 thoughts on “Etria ends with you

  1. I’ve had the Japanese version since its initial release… Holy crap. I still don’t know what’s going on. Good luck, sir.

  2. there’s a password at the end of etrian odyssey that you can plug into the sequel???

    ahh… and here I thought I could put that little plastic cartridge away and be happy about it… i’ve heard it gets more and more grindy as you go on, so I put it down when it started to feel a little laborous (just hit the amazon’ish ppl, i forget which strata…)

  3. I’m going to rent this game. But I’ve got an odd feeling it won’t click with me. Maybe it’s the character designs?

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Ring of Fates, Jeremy.

  4. Ever see those old cartoons with the one-man-band performer? The one where the guy has a pair of cymbals attached to his knees as he plays a hodge podge of instruments with his mouth, nose, hands and ass? Yeah; that’s kind of what experiencing this game is like.

    Long way to walk…

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