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Gasp with shock: another fine week of video gaming is upon us. I don’t always agree with the kids’ weekly must-have selections, but after slamming through Professor Layton over the past few days (my review will be up tomorrow; spoiler, I like it) I can’t argue. Although now I’m at the point where I’m just slamming my head against a wall on the bonus puzzles.
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I’ve only seen one of this week’s DVD releases… and, unfortunately, it was the chick flick, No Reservations. Well, it’s not that unfortunate — Catherine Zeta-Jones is always classy, and Abigail Breslin is pretty much pure childhood sincerity embodied. They should shellac her or something, to keep her from becoming old and cynical.

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  1. “Every surviving crew member from every single Apollo moon mission telling the story in their own words”

    That description of “In the Shadow of the Moon” DVD is inaccurate. They only interviewed several of the surviving Apollo astronauts. Some have passed on, however some refused to be interviewed (such as Neil Armstrong).

    Having said that, this is a GREAT documentary.

  2. Generally, I hit up Metacritic, Amazon, and the IMDB (and sometimes even Wikipedia if I need even more context) before I write about a movie I haven’t seen. Either I misread something or I’m repeating bad info I glommed onto from one of those sources.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. Neil Armstrong’s omission from “In The Shadow of the Moon” was pretty noticable. A friend of mine was sure he must be dead. That said, the “heroin for space junkies” description is pretty apt.

  4. “I’m repeating bad info”

    That’s correct (not your fault, of course). I was expecting to see interviews with everyone when I saw it in the theater and (from that aspect) I was disappointed. Again, other than that it is a great documentary if you are interested in the space program.

    “Neil Armstrong’s omission from “In The Shadow of the Moon” was pretty noticable. A friend of mine was sure he must be dead.”

    Agreed…I spent the whole film waiting for hear him speak…then the credits rolled and I gave up. He lives in SW Ohio, about an hour north of Dayton. Read that he was asked numerous times to participate in the making of this film and he refused.

  5. Well, yeah, it’s a remake. I’d have more bile for it if the original film weren’t already so corny.

  6. I have trouble calling something a “rip-off” when it mentions its debt to the original during the opening credits.

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