And when you’re dead I will be….

Yes, I’ve survived the weekend. The doctor says I should regain normal use of my arm in a few months!

In the meantime, I’m taking away a valuable lesson in the social protocols and relationships of Vietnamese families. The kind of lesson that sticks with you, because it is earned on the fly as you systematically commit one faux pas after the other. Rock on.

And now to scream through Professor Layton and write a review before I sleep. Ahahahahahasigh.

10 thoughts on “And when you’re dead I will be….

  1. holy crap… that *does* sound like an *innovative* take on the RPG genre!
    I didn’t think such things were possible, mostly because I’d never seen or heard of one before. I likely would have never heard of it, if it weren’t for this blog. For what it’s worth, you’ve broadened the gaming horizons of at least one individual today.

  2. May I ask what faux pas were committed? Being a Houston-born Vietnamese dude, my very white fiancee often asks for my help when dealing with my family, but I have no clue until it happens. Then I’m like, “Oh yea, you’re not supposed to do that because such-and-such.”

  3. Professor Layton = Amazsometacular!

    I’m pretty excited about this game. Sure, it’s basically just a book of puzzles that you’d find at your local book store with a threadbare adventure inserted to get you from one conundrum to another; but — hot damn! — it’s a lot of fun. I wonder what they did with the Kanji puzzles…

    Glad you made it home safely. Have a good week.

  4. “Regain normal use of my arm in a few weeks?” Did you throw your arm out flapping cross country to get to your destination?

    Layton looks to be pretty interesting, I’m just wondering if the puzzles are fun or challenging. Some of them looked rather juvenile, but it’s hard to say with the split-second impressions I’ve had of the game so far. Let us know how it all works out.

  5. All I know about Vietnamese familial relations I learned from “Gleaming the Cube,” so I’m assuming you forgot to take out some of those radical earrings before you ollied the stoop.

  6. someday, parish, you should sit and talk to my girlfriend. after our trip to india, she deeply understands the plight of inadvertant faux pas.

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