The usual weak week pun

Hey doodz, it’s time for more frivolous stuff!

Add to Queue: Weekly DVD Release Column
Once again, another week in which I have failed to see a single movie being released to home video. One thing our dear columnist missed, however, is the re-release of the 10th collection of Mystery Science Theatre, as the original issue included a Godzilla flick which fell victim to rights issues and was immediately discontinued. The original release is worth a stupid amount of money. Oh, nerds.
New Game+: Weekly Game Release Column
Disappointingly, our columnists did not select Culcept Saga as this week’s hot selection. Man, our indie cred woulda been through the roof. No, my friends, this is what it sounds like when devils cry.

8 thoughts on “The usual weak week pun

  1. Hey Robot, there actually is a Death Wish 5.

    AMC had a Death Wish marathon yesterday, and I watched most of the third one killing time before work. Cheesy gunplay aside, I want my two hours back.

  2. How can I riot when the news is so joyous. I had no idea Volume 10 was being reissued! I’ve never seen Giant Gila Monster, and am doubtful it holds much to the awesomeness of Godzilla vs. Megalon, but I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear that the other movies in the set are getting a second chance. No fan, new or old, should miss Giant Spider Invasion.

  3. Torgo, you’re in for quite a treat if you watch Giant Gila Monster. They actually taped carpet to German shepards to make them look hairier, they put straws in their mouth for fangs, and starved them so they’d go after the places they wanted them to attack. You pretty much know who’s going to die from the start, too.

  4. Wait, I was talking about Killer Shrews, not Giant Gila Monster. Same director (Ray Kellog), and they’re on the same DVD. It all just blends in together.

  5. I’d suggest a fortnightly schedule if it’d open up a rich seam of ‘fortnight’ puns, but I’m terrified you’d actually do it.

  6. “Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust” would’ve been my go-to Clash quote, but any Clash quote is pretty much fine by me anyhow.

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