Revenge of the fourth column

Hey, look, it’s weekly columns. They should have been posted yesterday, but alas it was a holiday. (Translation: I am lazy.)

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Hey, it’s movies on video and stuff. Nothing that appeals to me personally this week, but I did see Cloverfield over the weekend. It was pretty good, but I realize at some point it will be released in a high-definition format, which is pretty much going to be the biggest waste of the technology imaginable.

New Game +
Aaaand gaming is back. After a few months of comatose uselessness, the industry has roused from its eldritch slumber and unleashed upon humanity something like four notable games all at once. Even an interesting third-party game for Wii! Possibly the last ever. So I recommend you run out and buy a copy of No More Heroes, because it is part of a rare and endangered species.

18 thoughts on “Revenge of the fourth column

  1. So, Cloverfield wasn’t a huge waste of time and hype? I’ll check it out. I actually opted to see There Will Be Blood instead. Such a brilliant film. Very slow build to a disturbing, almost shocking finale.

    Speaking of shocking: Heath Ledger? Wow. That’s a sad piece of news for any of you people who follow junk-pop headlines.

    Anyway, great stuff again, fellas. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to add the next Amanda Bines flick to my queue. Ugh.

  2. Cloverfield is a take-it-or-leave-it kind of movie. You’ll either like the gimmick or hate it.

  3. They also hate the Xbox 360, but it seems to have the best games at this point in the console wars. What’s your point?

  4. wow, what’s with the bolded tagline at the end of Add to Queue, or has that alwaysbeen there?

  5. I’m going to assume that it’s a quote from a movie, because it’s different each week.

  6. I’ve been checking them out for months too, so I guess everyone else who also has can now just feel smug instead of needing to post, ‘I saw it too!’ It’s just shivam’s LttP.

  7. “They also hate the Xbox 360, but it seems to have the best games at this point in the console wars. What’s your point?”

    My point is that it sold poorly in Japan because it’s a cruddy GTA close. Did you not get that in my initial post? The XBOX360 is hated there for an entirely different reason, it’s a devil foreigner console.

  8. I collected all the quotes hidden in the small text at my blag, which is the URL I’m including with this comment. Hope this works this time!

  9. I finished No More Heroes the other day. I enjoyed it a lot. Make sure you get all three extra swords before the final fight to get the “true” ending, cause I the regular ending is lame.

  10. “They also hate the Xbox 360, but it seems to have the best games at this point in the console wars.”

    Tell that to the Japanese, which avoid the thing like it’s the embodiment of the number four, physical intimacy and airborne AIDS rolled into one ugly, white(-ish) lump.

  11. “After a few months of comatose uselessness…” Are we going ‘By the Book’ like Star Trek II? Heh.

  12. Why Parish, oh why didn’t you warn me? That the indoor environments look like they belong in Vice City? That the outdoor areas look worse that Super Runabout for the Dreamcast? I am by no means a graphic whore, but who the hell programmed this thing? In some parts, when you run up the stairs, the camera jumps up 15 inches in a single frame with every step. I haven’t seen that in a game since, um, crap, I think Doom 1 handled that better. The code to fix that would take up less space than this comment. I could forgive all this, but then the framerate bogs down to 20-25fps in every fight scene! Just played 2 hours, will continue to play it until I beat it. Oddly, most reviews seems to be 80-90%. Sorry, I know numbers are meaningless. Also, why did they include the original trailer for the game on the ingame TV? The trailer lookd way better than the game. Remember back when the press first got hands-on with the PS2, and all the games ran like shit and had crazy jagies? This game is from 1998. Sorry, a little frustrated. The game may yet win me over with its cat-petting. Who knew that awesome motorcycles hanlde like (fwd) Chevy Luminas? I’m sorry Suda, I love you!

  13. Sorry, you’re right. I care way too much and need to diversify my hobbies. But imagine if you were watching Rudy, and after 2 hours, when Samwise finally gets to play, he runs the wrong way, scores a saftey, shits himself, then dies. Actually, that sounds better than the real movie. Nevermind.

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