The hard stuff rules

Anime Blues: Weekly Anime Column
As the year winds down, so do interesting new releases. At least, that’s how it goes in the game and movie worlds; I guess the same is true of anime, too. Since my sense of “new and significant” with regard to this particular niche ossified somewhere around the third straight-up Evangelion clone, though, I can’t really say. So, let the column contributor be your guide. Yes.
New Game +: Weekly Game Column
Thanks, games industry. If it weren’t for the slumber you drop into around this time every year, I’d never have a chance to play anything new. This is the one time of the year where I can actually spend time with all the games I wasn’t assigned to review over the course of the fall season. If it weren’t for this week’s crappy release schedule, I’d never have played Mass Effect.
Add to Queue: Weekly DVD Column
This is another of those occasions where I hiss in anger at the stupid “next-gen format war” that Hollywood has decided to subject us to. Shamefully, the clarity of Blu-ray has seduced me. And as The Bourne Ultimatum was one of the few movies I’ve enjoyed this year, I’d like to own it. But, ha ha, it’s on the wrong format for me. Dear Hollywood: I hope the writers’ strike crushes you. Like a grape.

10 thoughts on “The hard stuff rules

  1. FIFA 08 is indeed en español; you can pick your language at startup and the menus and commentary will be in Spanish.

  2. Heehee, it’s rare for an european to get a piece of entertainment media ahead of the colonials. But I’ve already had some good, good time with the new, super duper Bladerunner release I got last week while you guys still have to wait another week until it’s release :D

  3. Madden 08 in spanish. Oh lord, since all the problems of the U.S. are caused by the existence of other countires and other markets and people who speak in foreign, and the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Americano (, I am appalled. We should keep it american. I propose we all build a wall and destroy every computer with Internet access and kill Anthony Bourdain and every person who enjoys the company of foreigners and homosexual foreigners and gasy Iranians and making T.V. shows about horrible foreigners. Spnaish, oh, the nerve. I’m calling Lou Dobbs.

  4. Not to fill everyone with a sense of impending doom, but, uh, here’s hoping the Talking Time database error I’m getting right now is temporary.

  5. Ah,that Orange Box description was awesome. It reminds me of the six-word story that Alan Moore wrote for Wired, when they asked many authors to provide one in honor of Hemingway’s.

  6. How many Spanish-translated games are there for the PS2? I know Contra: Shattered Soldier allows you play in Spanish and French, but not Neo Contra for some reason. MGS3: Subsistence also had Spanish subtitles and even allowed you to play the old MSX2 games in that language.

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