How I spent my summer paycheck

Your usual weekly celebrations of consumerism are here once again. Enjoy ’em while you can — beginning next week, gaming goes right back into the crapper.

You might notice that the games column now has a title. I can’t remember if this is what we actually agreed on or not, but I’m an arbitrary jerk and decided to go with it regardless. It’s got moxie.

I was going to post a link to the big Wii anniversary edition Retro Roundup I wrote this morning, but then 1UP went offline so the tech team can add a new backend and database structure to make the site work better, or something lame like that. Feh.

3 thoughts on “How I spent my summer paycheck

  1. Almost had Rock Band, but Wal-Mart decided it would be best to sit on their shipment until Friday, when droves of hungry parents devour each other’s children for the chance to spend close to 200 dollars for their spawn who probably will appreciate it more than I will. Good thing I needed that cream of mushroom soup for my green bean casserole. That visit could have been a wash.

  2. I hate to be the jerk who points out insignificant details, but the little anime picture says “DVD Column.” I suppose this is technically true, as all the anime comes out on DVDs. I only noticed it in looking for the the title of the game column in excitement. Extreme excitement.

  3. The aggravating geek in me says it should be the New Game++ Column, but thankfully smarter heads than my own are in charge.

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