Speaking in tongues

Well, maybe not “speaking in,” but speaking of, certainly. Tongues are the common thread that joins this week’s release columns — well, that and DragonBall. But let’s focus on tongues instead, as they are much less likely to make me hate the human race. How precisely tongues play into the images below I leave as a exercise for the reader:

Actually, come to think of it… Westley and Buttercup’s kiss was the “most pure” ever, so I guess it’s probably just lips for them.

OK, this post is built on a stupid, tasteless foundation. Almost as stupid and tasteless as DragonBall. I quit.

9 thoughts on “Speaking in tongues

  1. Wow, most people who actually played Commodore 64 games using a real Commodore 64 and went to watch John Hughes films at movie theaters are probably in their mid to late 40’s by now. It’s pretty scary. The NES generation is next. We are going to be old and creepy. I feel like crap.

    Oh, it’s good to know lightgun games might see a very well deserved revival on Wii. Will arcade games like Crypt Killer ever make it to VC? That would be a game worthy of the attention.

  2. How can you make a joke about the pointlessness of Dragonball without giving it the proper build up and eventual let down six posts later? I mean, you could blow minds if you managed to power-up your writing skills for the ultimate snarky comment! All kinds of cancer/AIDs/ROFLCOPTER memes in one attack… the horror.

    Good stuff, as always.

  3. Jesus Herman Christ. A world where everyone is born female. Will anime ever have anything important to say or will it just repeat what movies and books have already said but in the most retarded, childish and absurd way possible? Same goes for video games *insert favorite Metal Gear joke, but make it about Ghost Babel which is pretty wordy and pretentious for a GBC game, at least with Snatcher they were obviously joking and not taking any of that video game shit seriously, unlike the God of War people who actually think anyone knows who the fuck Kratos is when no one actually gives a rats ass, now Link, that’s a character people give two fucks about*

  4. Josh, sometimes you have to fight stupidity with ironic mockery. And sometimes you just have to sigh and scowl at it and move along quickly to less infuriating matters.

    Also, sorry about the images. It’s no good for me to proof for technical errors in a browser which is very forgiving of said errors.

  5. Media bred for home entertainment (and perhaps guilty pleasures) isn’t exactly going to aim for Important Messages. If someone looking for a fun evening had plunked down $40-50 and received an anime or videogame equivalent in tone to say, Schindler’s List, they’d probably be a bit upset.

    Also, there’s been both a book AND movie focusing on an island wherein every DINOSAUR is born female which, as stupid as that sounds, turned out to be pretty entertaining, if admittedly unimportant.

  6. …How the hell many versions of The Princess Bride ARE there on DVD now?

    I keep meaning to buy one, but then they put a new one out every six months.

    …On the subject of Shrek, there was a good bit about it on Simpsons a few weeks back. This is from memory, but as best I can recall it goes something like this:

    (Homer’s in jail; the other inmates are crowded around him.)
    Homer: …and then, all the robots turned back into cars and trucks and drove away. The end.
    Inmate: Tell us another one, Homer!
    Homer: All right. Once upon a time there was an ogre named Shrek 3. And he lived in medieval times. But sometimes, he would say things from OUR times!

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