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It’s another week, which means another batch of weekly release columns. This endeavor is shaping up nicely as a comfortable routine, a sort of clockwork project by which you may set your watch. And debit card.

Weekly Game Roundup
The fall release blitz is almost, almost over. Almost. But that means about three more weeks of holy crap how can I afford (let alone afford time for) all of these games, and that includes this week. My advice? Skip these and play Mario 3.

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When I saw Ratatouille, the first thing I thought after leaving the theatre — besides “That was brilliant,” — was, “I absolutely cannot wait to see this on Blu-ray, as it will finally justify the high-definition format.” Oh, and some other stuff is out this week, too. But, Ratatouille.

Weekly Anime Roundup
With this week’s release of volume four, I think The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is finally over. I could be mistaken, however! I don’t really pay close attention, even to the very few shows I actually follow. In any case, Haruhi has been a fun show — nowhere near the masterpiece that its most fervent fans claim, but certainly not the Death of Art as its detractors would have you believe.

7 thoughts on “Top o’ the Week

  1. How can you say the blitz is almost over? I dare say everything so far has been a warm up for the deluge that begins next week.

    And yeah, props on the layout. I dig it.

  2. With the news that about 5 of these games have been delayed for no apparent reason in PAL territories, it’s all I can do to mutter at them.

    However, I do wonder how the translation on Haruhi is – did they translate her rockin’ song which is probably on this disc? I ask because I illegally acquired the official translation of the last episode of the series’ main arc, and there’s a section of that episode which is a fairly plot-critical written conversation – entirely in Japanese. So I really don’t expect them to have done the job properly.

  3. These updates are really starting to gel. Very fun and snarky reading, and we get it every week! Vwery Lubly, guys.

  4. Thank you for this! I’ve become a more informed consumer since this feature began. I only wish the roundup could meet all my weekly consumer awareness needs.

    I’d be fine with a basic shopping list, because I grocery shop on Mondays and it seems like I buy nothing but diet coke and bagels when left to my own devices.

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