Yourself or god

It’s another big, dumb week of game releases — dumb in the sense that, honestly, who has time to play all of these really great looking games? Let alone the kind of middling-to-crappy ones? I mean, this week’s releases are so good that one of them is already a Fun Club selection and a second is about to become one. Well, technically five, I guess.

Such great timing, too. I earned my Halo 3 “Marathon Man” Achievement over the weekend and just need to clear one more stage on Heroic before I get those 40 or 50 gamerpoints. Then I can put away Halo 3 and not think about it again for a very long time. It’s a very good game, no question, but good lord I should not have let myself get drafted for all that coverage of the game. Writing that much about any one thing is not healthy.

(Actually, I’m very nearly tempted to gush a bit about the game’s terminal text. But no. Sticking to my guns.)

8 thoughts on “Yourself or god

  1. Will you gush later? Being relatively unfamiliar with Marathon, and having missed all but one terminal, I’d be interested in hearing what you’ve got to say about it. Yeah, I’ve seen the transcript of the terminal text, but still.

  2. Sumbitch! I never actually read any of that terminal text. I was assuming that the dialog was evidence enough of the textual representation — guess I presume too much.

  3. Yeah, the terminal text is entirely about the Forerunners and essentially serves as an explanation of humanity’s connection to the supposedly vanished race. Also, rampancy. It’s pretty much old school Bungie in effect. So gooAAAAH STOP IT YOU’RE MAKING ME GUSH

  4. Well, also, for the people who really don’t care about these week’s releases, here is a 3D Zelda/Nethack clone which is free and it is so awesome it feels like a console game on PC which is called Soul-fu, yes, like soul and kung-fu put toghether, awesome:

  5. Off-topic question. Did we ever find out what rare Japanese game Parish picked up in Tokyo?

  6. Gush, you asshole! There suffer some of us who went blow for blow with Durandal almost a lifetime ago who don’t own a 360. We NEED to KNOW!

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