12 thoughts on “March for no reason

  1. The new Spyro looks like he’s been doing steroids. Mascot games have truly lost their innocence.

  2. Boring. The last great video game innovation was Dance Dance Revolution and all the Bemani games with the new controllers and stuff. Now everything is the same. No, pretty graphics do not make something completely new and revolutionary. So far only Guitar Hero keeps me playing with the idiot box.

  3. Yeah, I just saw that Phantom Hourglass is in that list, I guess I missed it the first time around and just saw PGR and the NBA games. Phantom Hourglass, the DS and the Wii are great but the games that truly take advantage of their innovative controls effectively are very few (and it’s too expensive to buy a Wii if all one is going to play are Brain games and crap like that. It’s cheaper to get a 360 and play cool games like Guitar Hero 2 and DDR Universe or Steel Battalion or whatever).

  4. Sarcasm is right! Love it.
    Is Sarcasmorator maybe that fella from the back pages of EGM in disguise?
    I got that SB vibe from more than one blurb in the release list.
    Or maybe mediocre/bad games just bring out the best in all of us.

  5. I just realized you meant Seanbaby. No, I’m super-definitely not Seanbaby. At all.

  6. I’m kind of surprised that Quake Wars isn’t on that list. The idea of Quake and Battlefield 1942 having a lovechild certainly makes me happy; considering that I know a guy in QA at Activision and Quake Wars is the only title he’s worked on to get him excited in all the time he’s been there, I have to assume it’s pretty fun to play.

    Or are we just ignoring the PC release until the 360/PS3 version comes out next month?

  7. We’re pretty much just focusing on console/handheld releases. If we did PC games, the list would at least double every week.

    And what sarcasm are you guys talking about? I don’t see one example.

  8. “I just realized you meant Seanbaby. No, I’m super-definitely not Seanbaby. At all.”

    Didn’t really think so, just random theorizing ;)
    But damn – everybody I mention him to seems to hate the guy.

  9. I thought he was really funny about eight years ago, and I still like his writing sometimes, but he comes off as a real jerk. Maybe he’s not! But he acts like it.

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