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Well! Yesterday’s posted article prompted much anger and debate. I will leave that to everyone else to sort out. Meanwhile, here are three articles for you to become enraged about:

I’m having a slightly annoying time readjusting to being back in the States. Between jetlag and having to cram through Halo 3 for a review, my sleep schedule is a disaster. And I had the time correction planned out so well, too. Plus, I keep standing on the wrong side of the escalator. And that fat wad of yen in my wallet isn’t doing anyone any good.

8 thoughts on “Gripe about this

  1. Re: Foreign Currency
    Plz send it to me!

    Re: Wanting to be AZN.
    I no longer want to be Japanese. I am now trying to go back from it.

    Re: The rage of yesterday.
    Everyone really wants to play SoM. They’ve gone for so long they’re willing to accept backwards and mediocre substitutes. Why? Because getting together with your friends and playing co-operatively is just about the best thing ever.

  2. Not only can I agree that Knocked Up is funny, but must also add that in the midst of all the humor some very poignant observations about male-female relationships are made. If you don’t want any of that, you can just enjoy the gross-out jokes, which are top-notch.

  3. Something I didnt like about the movie is the tacked on bit where she gets mad at him for no reason. I dunno does fanatsy football destroy marriages? Seems a little far fetched and put in there just to add crisis. I think the fack that she had chosen to have a kid with taht guy was drama enough.

  4. Knoced Up is not funny. That guy or that girl were not only under the risk of getting pregnant, but also of GETTING INFECTED WITH HIV! (or genital herpes, etc.) Has the world forgotten about the other very important reason to WEAR A DAMN CONDOM!? That movie is crap. And, remember kids, having a baby should be the least of your wirries, NOT getting herpes on little Johnny or HIV all over your body should be always you number 1 priority.

  5. Whence the ill-will?

    Where have all the haters gone? I haven’t been hearing anything but positives about Halo 3. I mean, I’m a Nintendo fanboy, and I somehow my heart is not full of anger at this game. I feel lost and confused.

  6. “Well! Yesterday’s posted article prompted much anger and debate.”

    You should know better when posting anything FF-related ;)

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