Japan makes me sick

Well, no, not Japan. I think it was all the diseased freaks on the plane. In any case, this is a really crappy time to be ill! I did manage to find time to publish two of this week’s regular release columns, though:

The games release column is almost ready, but we’re having a little trouble sorting out some of the formatting. And, in that most bittersweet of situations which is often erroneously referred to as “ironic,” my being off in another country writing about games means I haven’t had time to fix it. So… consider it unofficially published.

8 thoughts on “Japan makes me sick

  1. You wrote the wrong form of “its” in “Family Guy has it’s fans”…

    …and you wrote “unlike you like entire episodes of screaming and posturing.”


    Get better. Tokyo is crowded; you’ll start a plague.

  2. There was that nice fellow who was taking a rather circuitous route home from getting married in Greece on the plane. Had a bit of a cough. I’m sure it was nothing.

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