Mendelly challenged

Yeah, OK, no more mocking liveblogs here. Today we focus on more important things, i.e. reader-submitted reviews of obscure NES games. That is what the public demands! That is what the public shall get.

(Also, I figure I should do my Tokyo blogging in my 1UP blog, since they paid my way here.)

In this case, Mendel Palace, an NES game that flew so far beneath the radar what I’ve not only never played it but I actually have no clue whatsoever as to what it’s about. For all I know, wumpwoast made up the entire thing.

I leave determining the veracity or fallaciousness of his review as an exercise for the reader.

13 thoughts on “Mendelly challenged

  1. I’m impressed with the sheer volume of content wumpwoast has been been putting out. The guy’s a fuckin’ MACHINE.

  2. It is certainly possible, if not easy. Besides emulation, there are plenty of working NESes around and I’m sure it would play fine on a clone. The cartridge isn’t incredibly common, but it isn’t uncommon either.

  3. chud_666: Nesticle aside, sure. Try FCE Ultra or Nestopia, those are much better. Because God knows all my original carts are full of cat piss and smell like dirty underwear from someone who got a wild case of diarrhea.

  4. Never heard of Mendel Palace, eh?? My friends and I loved this game when we were kids. Card shufflin’ 2-player action

  5. Man, I just saw a copy of that at a local second hand store and didn’t pick it up. I remembered hating it as a lad, but couldn’t remember why. Perhaps my tastes just weren’t refined enough, but I might go back and see if it’s still there after this review…

  6. Mendel’s Palace is one of the greatest two player games of all time. Grab a copy and a friend as soon as you can. I remember i’d always want to be the second player because IIRC he got the cute evil chick rather than the princess in the end.

  7. NOO, all my tasteless cursing has been edited out! Now it actually reads well, with enough dignity and posterity for future readers. Who cares about any of those losers anyway? :)

    I have no NES, but I still have the cart, so if any Bay Area folks want to loan it someday that’s cool. If we’re lucky this will be one of the Hudson games that ends up on VC soon, but even if that never happens it’s worth snagging from pawn/garage sales if you see it. cb and ZetJi would agree, if that kind of peer pressure helps.

  8. I had no idea that it even came out stateside, I always new the game by its Japanese name of “Quinty.”

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