You got your satan in my pinball

One quick article before I vamoose for Japan: Devil’s Crush, which combines the age-old teenage traditions of skipping class to play pinball and doodling devil imagery on your school book covers. Actually, I did neither, and I didn’t really hang out with the people who did. Which is, I suppose, why Devil’s Crush works so well: Vicarious slackerdom.

My next post will most likely be written at the Hotel Excel in Shibuya. I will think of you all as I sit in a cramped airline seat eating horrible microwaved food.

17 thoughts on “You got your satan in my pinball

  1. Oh, poor you! Like you didn’t know most of us ENVY you.(At least I do)

    Anyway, have a nice trip and thanks for keeping in touch.

  2. Happy journalizing. Don’t forget that if you have to summon Mothra, you need two tiny singing Japanese ladies. You can probably get them from a vending machine.

  3. I don’t know how you people can handle airplanes. I mean, I know they’re safer than driving (by a pretty large margin, I think?), but still. I can’t even go up into a tall building without feeling like it’s trying to shake me off into space.

  4. If by “bring out the hookers and trash the place” you mean “quote Symphony of the Night without impunity”, then yes.

  5. jeremy, if you could use some advice on what and where to eat from a tokyo local, lemme know. can’t promise bliss, but I can promise a step or two up from microwave food.

  6. Pinball Quest for the NES had a plot. It had 4 standalone tables, and it had a quest mode where you progressed from stage to stage. In between, you would visit a shop and purchase more powerful flippers or stoppers (whatever they are called). Yuo could try to steal from the shoppkeeper, but if you failed you lost half your gold. Any stop bagging on Nintendo Pinball, my grandfather would play that (and Tetris and Vegas Dreams) for hours.

  7. That sounds cool. Remember that Rare pinball game for NES, I think it was called Pinbot. That game was slick

  8. Pin-Bot was impressive for it’s day. I’ve recently become very interested in video pinball since playing Metriod Prime Pinball and Alien Crush. Anyone with a 360 should take a few minutes to play the Pinball FX demo, the physics are amazing.

  9. Sonic Spinball is really awesome but it also being quasi platformer wasa something that bothered me a little bit – i prefer Prime Pinball, even if the boards are simple

  10. So. the ‘parish’ has gone to reject evolution and worship gundams at the monkey shrine in the land of the rising sun, has he? How cliched

  11. Satanic pinball fanfiction? And Judas Priest? That was totally brilliant.

    Not sure whether this beats Pin-Bot in my nostalgia-colored reckoning, but objectively it’s probably a million times better.

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