Cold as ice

I guess I’m not really surprised that some people misconstrued yesterday’s NHK review and its harsh criticism of a very specific breed of manga/anime junkie as a diatribe against anyone who enjoys anything from Japan. Which is silly. Not everything is an ad hominem attack, kids, and not everything is about you. Sure, this paragraph is, but really that’s about it.

Anyway! Today sees the addition of another Virtual Console review to the site — this time for NES Ice Hockey, which apparently is better than I give it credit for or something. I dunno. I guess the multiplayer requirement is what kills it for me. You know, since I hate other people or whatever.

10 thoughts on “Cold as ice

  1. I loved this game. I really think it’s the perfect hockey game. I even like it better than Blades of Steel, which I’ve found puts me in the extreme minority. Playing it again makes me feel like I just got me NES all over again. It feels like the first time. It feels like the very first time.

  2. Awesome. I was so hoping I would have the first positive Virtual Console review on the site. So thanks, Parish. I’ve been waiting for a guy like you to come into my life.

    And I’m with you, M. Nicolai. I think this game is better than Blades of Steel, but we’re not the only ones who feel that way even if we’re in the minority. I think this game stands up better because of its more arcadey nature.

  3. I hate this game. There was one winter my entire family was knocked flat from bronchitis and my brother had free reign of the console. He played Ice Hockey over. Over. And over.

    I even turned on the game the other day and I got nauseous when I heard the music. Not joking.

  4. Although I have a soft spot in my heart for *kaching* Blades of Steel, I have no qualms about firing up Ice Hockey in the ol’ NES. You accurately summarized all the great points of the game including how well it holds up for pure fun against the older EA games. The funny part about it is that those old EA games are now cheaper to purchase used at Gamestop than Ice Hockey is on the Virtual Console.

  5. Nadia, unfortunately nostalgia works both ways, I suppose. Especially since “algos” is literally “pain.”

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