Seven more days of Fun Club

Actually, it may be more like fourteen days of Fun Club, because this week’s topic is Metal Gear Solid 3 — a game that takes about as long to complete as both of its predecessors combined. (Or longer, if you’re super-cautious and obsessed with a good stealth rating, like me.) Depending on how the project goes for most people, we’ll see whether or not we need to expand the play time to a second week. Durandal discussion sort of fizzled out toward the end, but I think that’s because only about half a dozen people were serious about it. MGS3, on the other hand, seems quite popular! So join in the discussion. So far two of the three parts are up:

VIrtuous Mission through Ocelot | Chyornaya Peschara Caves through The End

That’s “The End,” not “the end.” Big difference there, so please mind the gap.

Not everyone is a fan of MGS, of course, so this week’s alternate selection is Punch-Out!! Either flavor is acceptable: Mike Tyson’s or Mr. Dream. I guess you could also go with the arcade version, but people are gonna look at you funny.

2 thoughts on “Seven more days of Fun Club

  1. This whole club thing has been really fun. I hope the two weeks doesn’t apply to the alt. game. Punchout!! could get a little stale after 2 weeks. Although I would probably need that long to beat Iron Mike.

  2. That is why it is called Fub Club! No worries, though. Next week’s alternate will be… Super Metroid. Because, you know, hell yeah.

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