Al & Tom’s excellent venture

More delightful reader-generated content arrives today in the form of wumpwoast‘s exceptional Mega Man 4 retrospective. Well, delightful for you, not so much for me. It worries me that other people are better at writing ToastyFrog-style articles than I am these days. The slow decay of the mind is a depressing thing to experience. Especially when your point of view is within the decaying mind in question.

Tomorrow is the last day to participate in the Fun Club discussions of Marathon: Durandal and Castlevania; come Sunday, these topics close and new endeavors begin. I hear tell there’s gonna be some snake eaten in the coming week, but that could be a scurrilous rumor.

9 thoughts on “Al & Tom’s excellent venture

  1. Woo! First comment!

    Some snake huh? Might I venture to nominate Calorie Mate, Tomm Guycott, and myself as the official help-givers of the week then?

  2. You do realize, the more articles by other people you put up the worse you’re going to feel when you blow up the site.

  3. This seems to be an indicator that Jeremy is out of practice and needs to write more articles.


  4. Or perhaps Jeremy has a girlfriend and some of us do not. :) Priorities — other people have them. But not me!

    Anyways I’m happy to be read.

  5. Perhaps with hard work and effort, this site can surpass wikipedia for my researching-of-cult-games-needs.

    It certainly will, if all the new wiki articles keep such great quality. Keep up the great writing guys. Including you Parish :)

  6. Oh man. Yes! After re-reading Jeremy’s Megaman 3 article, I completely loved your much-needed chiding of Snake Man. Come on, fucking snakes? And on top of it, the damn snakes you get to throw at enemies for the rest of the game are basically useless (I’m assuming that it becomes just as important as the Metal Blade later on, but I haven’t quite finished it yet). Snake man had so much potential as the Czar of a limitless supply of land serpents, and fell so flat. A+.

    Very well done, Wump. Would read again.

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