Fun Club time at Talking Time

Inspired by Kotaku’s latest venture, the kids in the forums have requested the advent of a “game club” type of project where everyone plays through a game together and discusses it. Hardly the most original of ideas (not least of all because it was directly swiped from another site), but I like it anyway. Enough to sponsor it, in fact — the nerd-discussion equivalent of loving the Norelco shaver so much you buy the company.

If you’d be interested in participating, please swing by the relevant thread and place your vote. If you guys decide to go the second route, the first selections will be Marathon 2 and MGS3… in other words, I will frequently use it as an excuse to make myself play things I need to catch up on. So factor that into your decisions. Also, feel free to suggest a better name than Game Club.

It’s official. Join the Gamespite Fun Club today! If it catches on, maybe I’ll even make stickers or something. I dunno. I’m feeling punchy today.

You can jump into to our two active conversation threads: Durandal and Castlevania. Well, I say active, but so far no one has actually posted anything. Sooooo… we’ll see if anything actually comes of this.

12 thoughts on “Fun Club time at Talking Time

  1. I thought two of the rules of Game Club were that you weren’t supposed to talk about it.

  2. How about calling it Gathering of Astute Masters Elucidating on Retro Software? You’d be the GAMERS.

    …Yeah, I’ve got nothin’.

  3. I’m so happy to have been on the boards during such a life chaning day. Usually I miss these things.

  4. Dumb question, but whatever happened to that Chrono Trigger playthrough that you were doing? I was really enjoying it until that terrible E3 was the topic of coversation for three weeks.

  5. You’re like Oprah, Jeremy. And we’re all the middle-aged women that watch daytime TV — erm, excuse me, read Talking Time. Someone should make a “Gamespite Fun Club” logo to tack onto various boxarts.

  6. >the first selections will be Marathon 2 and MGS3…

    Well, shoot. I’ve been in a serious Metal Gear mood these past few days, and would’ve been all over that. Why the sudden switch to Castlevania?

  7. Good idea, if I got time ill participate it would be cool to have a camp fire thing like at “the other site”

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