If you buy only one game this month…

…it should probably be BioShock. Leastways, that’s the scuttlebutt around the office. But if you buy two, may I sincerely recommend the second choice be Picross DS?

I would gush about it a bit, but I’ve already said all I have to say about it in my review… which, I have to say, is one of the better pieces I’ve written this year. It’s very simple and sincere and to the point, because I feel strongly that Picross is one of the best puzzle concepts ever — and this is a nearly-perfect rendition. (Only nearly, since zooming in is a little clumsy.) Please give it a try.

15 thoughts on “If you buy only one game this month…

  1. I really suck at figuring out what those are…

    Is that… a snowman w/scarf on the left and a barking dog on the right? @_@;

  2. I have pretty well been playing this nonstop since I picked it up Tuesday. Now that I’m getting into the bigger, harder puzzles, though, I find myself often at a loss on how to proceed with some of these puzzles. But eh, that’s definitely a “me” problem.

  3. it’s so awesome that I picked up the original GB one and it’s pretty good too. I would have never tried this game if you hadn’t steered me toward it. Thanks for the great pick.

  4. I’ve been addicted to the Picross concept for years – there was a great japanese site that had TONS of java picross puzzles. SO HAPPY it’s on the DS.

  5. Now that it’s finally out here, we must exchange Friend Codes; I’m going to be filling up my download folder with ten picture-puzzles of crazy characters and smashing guest-art.

  6. I bought it last night on a whim and I’ve gotta say its the most enjoyment I’ve had out of a puzzle game since Lumines. Those 15×15 puzzles can get pretty confusing at times, but I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to it.

  7. I borrowed the original US GameBoy version from a friend in ’96 and never returned it… guess that makes me a jerk. Anyway, the point is I’ve been looking forward to this one for quite some time. Picked it up on Tuesday and it’s kept me away from all other games. Free Mode is some fun times.

  8. This is totally one of the very few times that Europe (even the “Europe” that I live in) can say that the US is late to the party. I got it about a month and a half ago and I’m still playing it. There’s a lot to it! I like free mode because I like being able to guess.

    Over here the DLC is working too. Hopefully you guys get it as well, it’s pretty neat – they seem to be using the excellent Picross DS puzzle engine to bring the puzzles from the previous games over, or at least that’s what it seems like from the menus.

    p-natsu: the one on the left is a hamburger and the one on the right’s a zebra, according to my copy.

  9. Is the maximum puzzle size only 25 by 25? I used to play this on the web on a version that went up to 40 by 40… alas, the site is now down. :(

  10. Nice review, hopefully someone will try the green eggs and ham that is Picross/Picture Puzzle/Oekaki. Are there any COLOR puzzles in Picross DS? I been playing through 3 import Oekaki DS games (DS Puzzler, Puzzle Series Vol 6 and Simple DS Vol 7) and they each seem to have pros and cons. DS Puzzler had the best touch screen interface plus some color puzzles. Puzzle series vol. 6 was B+W and controled best with the D pad, but had the best puzzles. and Simple DS vol. 7 has a decent stylus interface, a good mix of B+W and color puzzles and a crap load at that (1000), but half the time I don’t know what the hell I just drew after I finish!

  11. Ha ha, the joke’s on Nintendo, because we made Picross the hacking minigame in BioShock! Just kidding. Buy both of ’em.

  12. p-natsu, those images would be a lot easier to decipher if they were complete. You’re seeing them in a halfway state, so yeah, they don’t make much sense.

  13. Every year or so I’d get motivated and turn my room upside down looking for my old Gameboy copy of Mario’s Picross. Never found it. I am happy to now have this in my possession!

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