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The induction of a few writers to flesh out the site has made me acutely aware of how horrible and disorganized I’ve let the underpinnings of my wiki section become. Seriously, it’s gross. Which is why I’ve only inducted a handful of writers to begin with — there are many, many bugs to be ironed out of this system. They are brave pioneers, and there’s a solid chance they’ll die of dysentery before we even reach the Mississippi.

But I’ve made a start on wrestling this disaster of a site back into shape; the main games index has been both reorganized and massively overhauled. It can now be found here, and over the next few days all those sub-indices should be looking much prettier. They should also be sportin’ bold new articles written by people who aren’t me. Yes, it’s vaguely terrifying for us all, but hopefully it is the first step toward my grand scheme of making this site a massively comprehensive information dump on video games, or at least the better neighborhoods of the medium. Think Wikipedia, but neither boring, amateurish or laden with meaningless trivia. So really not much like Wikipedia at all.

22 thoughts on “Helping you help me help you

  1. Oh, videogames, the pinnacle of interaction. The only form of entertainment that allows interaction besides any sport (even cricket), sightseeing and also traveling, and talking with another person while drinking some coffee and stuff and pretty much all of life incluiding learning things that are actually useful and also fun like astronomy (which, lets face it, it’s awesome) and cooking and… oh whatever.

  2. Wait. No meaningless trivia? What trickery is this? Are you deleting *all* the old articles, then?

  3. I’m not killing the old articles. There’s a difference between trivia and trivial.

    Bob — sure, once we iron out the kinks with the guinea pig group.

  4. Any way we can expect to know what’s new besides manual blog updates showing who’s whated what? Does your wiki software alloy let you have a recent changes page?

  5. Yes. I mean, no. Whoops.

    The wiki does have a recent update list, but it shows every change regardless of whether or not it’s ready for publish consumption. I’ll promote new content only once it’s ready.

  6. This blog entry describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style and needs to be cleaned up to meet your future self’s standards.

  7. I knew I shouldn’t have read the comments. Before I was described as a pioneer, which was kind of cool…but then in the comments I’m just one of the “guinea pigs”. GREAT.

  8. Aw man… I like wikipedia. That cuts deep parish, deep.

    Where else can I find the obsessive fanboy rantings of a cult 1960s japanese anime? I beseech thee, where?

  9. Wait, I meant to say “Jeremy Parish” up there. I like to imagine that the talking frog does all the administrative site backbone work, while the talking man does all the actual posting. I know this is wrong and that talking frogs are not yet real so please attempt to tolerate my strange view of reality. Also, in my reality the N64 was really awesome and Rareware is still working for the Big N.

  10. It looks like the wiki isn’t just for certain people. I can access it, I just haven’t tried to edit it yet, because I’m afraid to incur wrath.

  11. Yow, you’re right… I had left a few sections password-free. Thanks for the catch.

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