Help me help you

Don’t mind the front page weirdness; I’m messing around with different front page formats. Right now I’m hiding most entry text behind jump links so that more blog entries can be active without forcing people to load images for every entry. (It also means I can write angry screeds about sleazy Kenichi Sonoda covers without having crotch shots festooned about my main page.) Yes, this means you may need to click a link to read full entries. No, this isn’t a money-making scheme, as I don’t serve ads or anything. I have no doubt that you will let me know if you totally hate it.

And as for the interior of the site… well, the wiki-based pages haven’t been updated in a while. I think I would like to remedy that. To make use of all this user-edited technology functional. I don’t have time, though, so I would like to recruit you to do it. If you’re interested in mouthing off on someone else’s site, please check out this forum thread.

7 thoughts on “Help me help you

  1. I would actually prefer if the posts were all on the front page without the ‘continued after link’ bit, because I tend to read the site most at work, and sadly, your site is blocked there, but I can see the posts using iGoogle. If they have the ‘continued after link’ thingamajig, (for lack of a more technical term), I can only read what comes before the link.

    Or don’t. Honestly, it’s your site, and you should do it the way you want.

  2. alexb: Er, no, I didn’t. Let me know if your forum account works again and if you can see the “seckrit” forum.

  3. Wait, seckrit forum now? I hope you guys are talking about me in there, because my ears are burning and I really don’t want to have to go to the doctor.

  4. Yes, we are definitely talking about you. In fact, that’s the name of the forum. “Talking About Brandon.” We are speculating on so many things. It’s crazy.

  5. So, how soon can I start editing entries to say that Xenogears is Parish’s favorite game of all time??

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