Summery San Francisco

The view outside my apartment this morning. No wonder California is such a popular summer getaway! Look at that balmy tropical humidity, so thick it’s obscuring the church a few blocks away. (Balmy does mean “frigid,” right?)

I read that we had record precipiation today — 0.01 inches. Apparently it’s never rained here on July 18 before, so a hundredth of an inch was all it took to make the record books. Reportedly it also caused a few power outages, since it was just enough rain to turn the dust on the area’s transformers into mud but not enough to wash the mud away, leading to overheating. This could be a lie, but it is an amusing lie, so I’ll give it a pass.

Such a strange city, where you have to wear a wool coat to work in the summer. It’s my favorite place on the planet.

30 thoughts on “Summery San Francisco

  1. Hey! Don’t confuse your cold, foggy, windy pretentious city with ACTUAL California.

  2. Fair enough. The rest of California sucks. Well, not the north coast. But the rest of it… ugh. Hell on earth.

  3. Is this an appropriate time to use the word “touche”?

    I agree though, LA is hell ;)

  4. Complaining about the weather in California?? Didn’t you used to live in Texas??
    I’d take random rain as long as it meant I didn’t have to live in Ohio anymore.

  5. Who’s complaining? I love the weather here. 60 degree high temperatures in July and winter lows that never dip below 40? Right on.

  6. Maybe its my protestant midwestern sensibilities but I don’t think I could live in a place without all 4 seasons. Constant springtime just feels so…indulgent.

  7. Rest of California? Wha? Have you ever been, nay, lived in Monterey? Jesus, how they managed to take an archipelago from Alaska and install it on the side of California is beyond me. Ten miles north, south, or east will get you at least ten more degrees closer to an enjoyable temperature. Lovely place though.

  8. San Francisco has all four seasons. About half the year is spring, about half is fall, with a few weeks of summer and drizzly winter accounted for in the gaps. However, these seasons are not sensibly dispersed. Summer happens in October, and fall is scattered throughout the year, alternating week by week with spring. Winter happens in January, though! So that’s something.

    Also, I consider Monterrey part of the northern coast, so it is exempt.

  9. “Fair enough. The rest of California sucks. Well, not the north coast. But the rest of it… ugh. Hell on earth.”

    If you’re talking about the Central Valley or Southern California, OK. But I’m on the Central Coast, in San Luis Obispo. The temperature range here is 30 (at night only) to 70 in the winter and 50 to 90 in the summer, with anything over 85 rare. So in other words, it rarely gets cold, and it rarely gets hot. It’s almost perfect weather 300 days our of the year.

  10. You guys suck. SoCal rocks. The San Fernando valley gets RIDICULOUSLY powerful winds, the whole place is unbearable hot all summer (except this year. woo!), and every other winter or so is full of INEXPLICABLE DOWNPOURS.

    I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

    Except Seattle.
    Or possibly Japan.

  11. if you like woolen coats in the summer, you’d love vancouver! except. it really wouldn’t be that useful since you’d probably be drenched in 15 seconds, and the coat would just be a heavy, smelly mess.

  12. I live in possibly the worst part of California – the central valley. Temperatures here range from the low 20s in the dead of winter to 110 and beyond in July.

    Then again, the traffic here is nothing compared to the bay area, our Crazy People are properly confined to institutions, and our Mayor isn’t a philandering whore (she’s way too ugly for that). I guess it’s not that bad after all.

  13. I knew there was a reason I respected your opinion, Jeremy, and I think this blog is it.

    I’m going to be so sad if I ever have to move away from the Bay Area.

  14. It makes me sleep peacefully at night to know that Parish can post pretty much anything and we’ll attack it from all possible directions.

    If only he posted about his personal life, so we could be like a pack of clucking hens… ::sigh::

  15. Being a Minnesotan, I love visiting San Francisco in January. It’s damn near perfect for a non-jarring Winter escape, and I hope to do it again next year. I’ve been there many times and always can’t wait to return.

    I wish I could afford to live there. Don’t really care much for Oakland though.

  16. Youse guys!! Whatta buncha comedians.

    The Twain quote is believed to be apocryphal, by the way.

  17. “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer with infrequently updated Retronauts.”–ScrambledGregs

  18. Didn’t we have the weather conversation some six months ago?

    Speaking of podcasts, I shall return from my self-imposed exile to the land of Retronautia when they start following the protocols of human speech, and let the other guy finish his sentence. Otherwise I really miss it.

  19. I’m trying to figure out whether you’re serious about SF being your favorite place. hahah

  20. Why do people keep looking to me for Retronaut stuff? It’s not my thing anymore.

    I will be on 1UP Yours tomorrow and Monday’s EGM Live*, if you miss the dulcet tones of my voice. Be sure to listen for my rendition of Stephen-Hawking-as-crank-caller. (It’s tasteful, honest.)

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