I like many things about my apartment — it’s inexpensive for San Francisco, it’s located right on a train line that stops two blocks from my office, it’s well-lit and spacious. But maybe best of all is the fact that it’s situated just a couple of blocks from one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Goemon. The staff is great, the selection is excellent, and the food ranges from very good to the mind-blowing awesomeness I experienced a few nights ago.

But I think my new favorite thing about Goemon is the list of weekly specials located at the front of the restaurant. Have a look and see if you can figure out why.

Yeah, I did a double-take, too. Apparently the secret to Goemon’s excellence is that a whole lot of love goes into its preparation. And they’re not afraid to talk about it.

28 thoughts on “What!!

  1. Hmmm, two blocks from Ziff-Davis, two blocks from a restaurant called Goemon… this would be easier if I had a picture…

  2. Your site has started playing nice with Bloglines lately. Did you already update? Because if so, nice job.

  3. Oh man, I was just thinking of going to Goemon tonight too, seeing how I missed out on ChouChou this morning. Now I really regret not going. I love it when cows fuck.

  4. Awesome, more info for my list of Things I Didn’t Need to Know About My Coworkers.

  5. marty, just check the may archives…

    all your weirdo man-stalking dreams can some true.

  6. “Yeah I’m a little confused too. How do I… y’know… with the tail and all?”

    “I’m not your first am I? I mean, I-I lay my eggs and leave and you release your fertiliser.”

  7. You don’t pay a fish to stay, you pay her to lay her eggs and leave.

    I don’t know what that means.

  8. I’m both repulsed and intrigued at the same time. Regardless, the attitude of the employee who writes (crafts?) the weekly specials is excellent.

  9. “Kobe-beef teriyaki x temp (?)
    tempura. (shrimp ??vege??)
    snak (?) river-farms tender beef
    japanese-kobe-cow fucked (??) american cow


  10. Sadly, it’s not named after the Mystical Ninja of video game fame but rather his inspiration, Goemon Ishikawa. Which means it’s possibly the only restaurant in the world whose menus feature a large drawing of a man being boiled to death. Tasty!

  11. Good thing it’s not named after Goemon Ishikawa XIII, or I’d have to make a “this is unworthy of my blade” joke.

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