You stink, but I love you

I knew the Internet was good for something — someone has finally transformed the pivotal works of Billy and the Boingers into MP3s. Quite a trick, considering they began life as a floppy vinyl insert in a comic book.

Listen now and enjoy two essential pieces of ’80s greatness. I always wondered when I was a kid if the actual music in these songs was performed by the band my sixth grade teacher played drums for, the Harry Leeds Band. One of the songs is credited to the “Harry Pitts Band,” which seems like a Breathed-esque kind of mockery of the band. And Harry Leeds were pretty popular for a while in the West Texas area, while Breathed is from Albuquerque, which is pretty much next door. So who knows. Maybe he had a fleeting brush with comic strip fame.

But probably not.

13 thoughts on “You stink, but I love you

  1. My girlfriend often sings “You stink but I love you” to me.

    In an affectionate way.

  2. Awesome blast from the past! I think I still have my floppy record stored inbetween the pages of my boingers book. The problem is, where did my book end up… ?

  3. Reading Bloom County is like a trip down Memory Lane. Except I have no shoes and the lane itself is covered with broken glass.

  4. God yes, I would kill to have one of these in a Guitar Hero game. Well, maybe not kill, but maim. Okay, maybe just verbally abuse. I listened to these like 3 times each at work today… and I still have three hours to go.

  5. Do you remember the McDonalds vinyl insert that came with the newspaper back in the day that the “Big Mac, McDLT, Quarter Pounder With Some Cheese” song on it? If they got to the end of the song without messing up, you won some big prize! My friend across the street was a paperboy and we played all of those records before he headed out on his route just to see if any of them were winners. They weren’t. But I have the song more or less memorized to this day.

  6. At last something interesting Parish. And here I was thinking your next update would be about how cool Wizardry clones are.

  7. Damn you openedsource. You linked them AGAIN. Now I’m going to waste more time.

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