27 thoughts on “Oh my dear sweet lord

  1. All this without human sacrifice? You truly are king of kings.

    Sarcasm aside, nice work, Jeremy.

  2. Yeah, it’s looking really good, but you should still just do the human sacrifice thing anyways. Best to play it safe.

  3. Now, every so often, you have to change the title.
    “The Revenge of Talking Time”
    “The Return of Talking Time”
    “The Son of Talking Time”
    “The Revenge of the Son of Talking Time”
    “The Bride of the Revenge of the Son of Talking Time”
    “The Return of the Bride of the Revenge of the Son of Talking Time”
    “Talking Time 2000”

  4. Alternate titles? How about Talking Time II: Simon’s Quest?

    Anyway, thanks for the effort you’ve put into getting TT back up and running, Mr. Parish. It is definitely appreciated.

  5. Hmm, I’m registered, but it won’t let me post. I never got the e-mail it was supposed to send when I registered, so I figure that’s why. Is there a way I can get another one sent?

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

  6. As stupid/obvious of a suggestion as this may be, did you check your bulk/junk mail? That’s where mine went.

  7. I’m… I’m just so happy… *sniff…* I promised myself I wouldn’t cry… just… *sniff…* very happy…

  8. Jeremy, you son of A GUN, YOU DID IT, HAHA, YOU BROUGHT BACK TALKING TIME! We’re in the free and clear towards fun, intelligent, and invigorating discussion on video games! Peace in our time!

    (Talking Time boarders re-enter into their Jerusalem with cheers and hope for the future. Camera pans back and we see the menacing shadow of a Xenogears appreciation thread looms towards the forum)

  9. Talking Time Episode I: The Talking Menace
    Talking Time Episode II: Attack of the Talks
    Talking Time Episode III: Revenge of the Pit of Flames
    Talking Time Episode IV: A New Hope
    Talking Time Episode V: The Pit of Flames Strikes Back
    Talking Time Episode VI: The Return of Talking Time

  10. On the off chance you hadn’t noticed, the sidebar forums icon is borken because its link contains an underbar and the new forum url doesn’t.

  11. You know, technically, the Talking Time we all grew to know and love over the past few months WAS The Return of Talking Time, since the original exploded pretty soon after it was created. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it only lasted a couple days or so, right?

    Not that I really care all that much, but this is the internet, so I feel more or less obligated to point out a bit useless trivia that people are overlooking.

    P.S Hoo-ray for The Return of Talking Time! Work is awesome again!

  12. Another abandoned tenement to shelter your pack of syphilitic hobos in. How kind, sir! Song Hobo, I commission a ballad commemorating Tinpan Parish’s largesse. Sir, we shall immortalize in mouth harp!

  13. Excellent. Perhaps this time I shall be able to register and post properly.

  14. If this is the third iteration of Talking Time, would we consider the first one, Look Who’s Talking Time?, the second Look Who’s Talking Time Too? and the current version is Look Who’s Talking Time Now? All starring John Travolta.

  15. will the bonus stage return? The Final Fantasy review only got to FF3, and the megaman review only got to 3 (or 4)?

  16. Thank God. It was looking like I was actually going to have to work for awhile there.

  17. Is it just me or the old Parish of today looks like the bad guy from Real Genius? the one who didn’t like pop corn. I finally managed to be able to browse 1up and saw a picture from Parish. The last picture I saw from Parish was from a trip he made to Japan with one of his ex girlfriends like 5 or 7 years ago (ignorant white guy chronicles). But, man, age hasn’t done any good to Parish.

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