GameSpite 7

I think this should solve the debate once and for all! Being the new Lester Bangs is as much about how you live (and, er, die?) as it is about how you write.

I do feel kinda bad about killing off Igor, though. Well, not really.

28 thoughts on “GameSpite 7

  1. Nooooo!!!

    Igor; I did not wish for you to die. Such is the fate of mortals. I am certain that some dark force was controlling Parish, but it doesn’t matter now…

  2. No, I’m fairly certain that New Games Journalism can only truly be killed through the use of holy water and burial at the crossroads.

  3. ….i was one day older than igor. are you trying to tell me something, parish?

  4. In another slightly less creepy/almost relevant coincidence my birthday is the day after Igor’s death…day. I guess these things happen when you have a large fanbase that pays excruciating attention to little things like dates on a tombstone. Go team!

  5. Jeremy:

    No clue what scott means either, unless he’s going for a “killing your own creation” connection (though I had no idea you’d coined the term until your “post-mortem” post.

    Anyhow, this comic gets a thumbs up from me; the “who is our Lester Bangs” debate seemed rather silly at its heart.

  6. Wow… I hate Lester Bangs because he essentially popularized and made viable everything that’s wrong with music criticism in specific, and pop culture criticism in general. I can’t think of a game equivalent (except our dearly departed fictional Igor/anti-Parish), but I’m sure I’d dislike him as much. That said, what will the comic really be about now? Or is it done, with you having just brought it back? Igor always seemed to be the main character/center of most punchlines, and, of course, anti-Parish. Well, I’m sure it’ll still be entertaining, Zombie Igor or otherwise.

  7. Man. Everyone seems to assume there’s just the one uber-jerk game reviewer in the world. I’m less amused and more envious that anyone could have that kinda world view.

  8. Nooo! Who are you gonna use as your mouthpiece for venomous criticism and verbal abuse now?!

  9. Does the “!” mean Igor saw Raiden? If I saw Raiden, I’d probably die too. Who would want to be stuck in some crappy talk simulator like Metal Gear Solid 2 anyway?

  10. Parish invented breathing, blinking, and the word AWESOME. Hoo Hoo, Tell’em Fred!

  11. A gun could have worked much better. I mean, every time I think about killing myself, I always think of a nice shot to the back of the head. To the cerebellum. Poison is so painful man, so slow. A gun is fast, you may look ugly and deformed, but you wont be around to notice it anyway, so, whatever.
    So, yeah man, it’s closed casket for me. There are no brain transplants, so who cares if I’m missing the head. Well, maybe the eyes could be useful. But no one dies for being blind.

  12. You know, you have to be careful. If you’ve killed him off too soon, you’ll soon die from the curse he put on you. Or he might come back to life. Or something.

    Okay, I’m done.

  13. this may be a little late, but what I was going for was the idea that this comic was the precursor to a Metroidvania (game) in which Igor comes back from the dead and must be killed by a Belmont.

    I guess if it needs that much of an explanation, it’s safe to say the joke failed :(

  14. But it could be awesome. Endless sequels featuring the same resurrected bad guy and slightly tweaked gameplay! YOU ARE A GENIOUS SCOTT!

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