A feast of the mind

I have been playing too much Pokémon, I think. This is the drawback to a marathon review playthrough: Even when I am listening to music on my iPod, the game’s battle themes are bouncing around the inside of my skull. But it gets worse. As I work on other things, I’m contemplating a trip back to grab that Clefairy I missed, and I want to check to see if anyone on the Global Trading Station offered the Chimchar I requested. I’ve even added my friend code to the requisite message board thread. And I skipped doing this week’s Bonus Stage so I could chug through for my review.

What am I becoming?

Oh, right, a nerd. Nothing new, there. Carry on.

Actually, the real reason I skipped doing Bonus Stage is because I’ve decided that I’m tired of hating my existence. Currently, the video production cycle consists of me spending my entire weekend editing things together with my own software on my own hardware with footage of games I’ve bought for the purpose. I haven’t actually had a weekend in more than two months. There’s dedication, and then there’s retardation, and I’m pretty sure I crossed the line somewhere along the way. So… until I can rein things in a bit and not have to sacrifice all my free time to create it on substandard tools, Bonus Stage is taking a break. This will prevent me from dying by June, which means I’ll be able to continue creating Bonus Stage beyond June. It’s victory all around.

Of course, the weekly Retro Roundup is online.

Bonus: Serebii.net and Google’s ad targeting system deserve some huge props for laying bare the deep-seated insecurities of most adult Pokémon fans in three little words:


31 thoughts on “A feast of the mind

  1. I think you’ve got a typo regarding that “Clefairy”.

    I have a feeling that the fact that I picked up on a misspelling of a fictional creature means I’ve probably got Poke-itis as much as you have. Excuse me, I have to go lament my existence.

  2. At least you don’t have it bad enough to be looking over your comment and think “hey, he could have used Pokerus instead of Poke-itis”.

  3. Good news! Now you have your weekends free to battle online!
    Talking Time’s Pocket Monster club still needs a name. I need to make a logo by Sunday, so get cracking everybody.

  4. That’s too bad about Bonus Stage. I thought the Gamevideos guys would’ve had some part in helping create that, but I realize now it’s probably a personal endeavor of yours. The Parish clones must all be tied up with Pokemans as well.

    Here’s hoping Retronauts doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  5. The club’s name will be Harshin. No g, no terminal apostrophe. When the chick in Jubilife City asks which group you’re a part of, tell her Harshin. We will rule the world.

  6. Also, I’m too much of a control freak to let anyone else edit Bonus Stage. This is the story of my life: Everything is my fault.

  7. “The club’s name will be Harshin”

    Please tell me that when your pokemans evolve, that you yell out “Harshin!” in an overly-dramatic, sentai kind of way.

  8. You know, you could always scale back the frequency of Bonus Stage, but increase the length. I assume it’s easier to make one longer episode than 2 smaller ones, plus it’d be good enough to bump it back to every two or three week.s

  9. You will not have to take any more screenshots Parish, you’ll have a wide selection from now on. I have your back! *cue retronauts theme*

  10. Can you get 1UP to provide you with some equipment? It seems a little silly that you’d have to do the editing on your own computer (a laptop, no less?). Don’t they have some fancy shmancy rig they use to edit the 1UP Show and stuff? or is the internet mogul 1UP really a warehouse somewhere in nevada with a life-sized lunar module collecting dust in the corner?

  11. Once, when I was young, I caught them all. It doesn’t seem fair that they can just go around inventing hundreds of new Pokemon and totally undermine my achievement.

  12. Aw well, I’ve got to say the Bonus Stages are my favorite, but if a break means they will eventually continue, then do what you must! Just make sure it comes back in some form!

  13. “I haven’t actually had a weekend in more than two months.”

    Neither have I. (Girlfriend.)

    You spend a whole weekend editing those? Man, I’d leave them till 11pm the night before they’re to go up and do them in a marathon 3 hour session.

  14. good thing.. the show is about retro… not current news.. so i dont see why it has to be every week…but i really want to see how you guys talk about the snes’ final fnatasy stuff.. cuase i still see ff6 is the best ff… am i in a minority? oh and of course i would like to see if you would talk about suikoden in retronauts..lol… i played first 3 games.. but the 4th one was so bad that i just gave up to catch all 108 characters…

  15. That whole “brain eating” thing actually happened to me… but with Tetris DS. For a couple weeks whenever I wasn’t doing something my mind would wander and start visualizing Tetris moves completely unbidden. Yes, I am crazy.

  16. That happened to me with Tetris Attack.
    The first couple of nights I was making combos and chains in my sleep. Pretty cool.

    Has anyone else ever been completely stuck in a game (at least back in the pre-gamefaqs days), going to bed and actually dreaming the solution to the puzzle?
    It happened to me a few times with Lufia 2, Dragon Warrior and one of the Zelda games.
    Am I alone with this or do I have some kind of Allison Dubois thing going on?

  17. 1UP seems like a really laid back place to work. Does your boss mind/care when you pickup or drop your personal projects? or is your day-job mostly the previews-reviews, and anything outside of that is encouraged but not required?

    If the show/podcast became popular enough, would you get a raise b/c of it? If enough people made internet-shrines dedicated to your game-journalising-awesomeness would he give you a raise? free you from other jobs to let you work on your personal projects more?

    just curious… I enjoy the videos and podcasts, but I wouldn’t want you to give up all your weekends for them.

  18. Rey, I solved a problem in Twilight Princess by sleeping on it. Good thing, too, because I was on a tight deadline.

  19. Well. I guess I am a superfaggot from hell because I’ve been a Pokémon fan from day one. Heehaw!

  20. Rey, that happened to me once with King’s Quest III where I dreamed about what item I needed to use to get past something. It still didn’t work, so I had to buy the damn hint book.

  21. I always solve stuff by staying away from it for a while. I’ll be doing the dishes and then go, “Oh, you have to pull the crate!”. My mother worries about me sometimes.

    Also, this blog needs an update. I have noticed my comments will sometimes go unanswered because Parish updates his blog shortly afterwards. So here it is. Update, mister.

    Glad to be of help.

  22. Wow. This is almost as bad as the time these retard idiots were suggesting they were looking for pokemon and had me pegged as a dewgong. Up to that point I was under the impression that -I- was the one with mental problems…

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