I’m about to head over to Capcom’s “gamer’s day” event to learn about their stuff for the coming year. Games or whatever. Fortunately everyone was nice enough to put me on the Keiji Inafune/Mega Man 20th Anniversary interview instead of, say, the interview with the Ultimate Ghosts ‘N Goblins guy. Lucky break. Although I guess it would have been interesting on a dark and painful level.

Capcom hasn’t confirmed that ZX Advent is coming to the U.S., but I’m hoping it’s shown today. Just so I can ask what’s happening in this picture. It’s very pretty but uhhhh what

Also of note: A Lost in Blue 2 review destined to annoy the easily-annoyed, and the latest Retronauts. Oddly the podcast is slightly broken so you may want to hold off on downloading it until I can get the corrected version uploaded.

Cut from this episode: tons of off-topic chatter (which may startle you, given how much I left intact), and Sharkey’s horrible unintentional neologism “wopanese.” I think he meant “wapanese” — i.e. a while boy who wants to be Japanese, i.e. anyone who reads MegaTokyo — but somehow that one letter changed it into a slur against 2/3 of the Axis Powers. Please do not alert the Reverend Al Sharpton to this fact.

16 thoughts on “Ina-fune-da-vita

  1. Break some thumbs until we get a new Mega Man Legends!

    Also, I listened to the podcast and I’m curious – what did you go to graduate school for? I’m headed to graduate school in the fall, but I don’t think FFA-2 will have quite the same effect.

  2. I’m sure that character in the upper-left corner has a head *somewhere*, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

  3. Is that the head smack dab in the middle of the body? Oh the hell, I can’t even see proper hands and feet.

    And as much as I dislike Lost in Blue 2, I can’t stop playing it. I want to get them off that island, even though it may be best to leave the grumpy retarded one on the island.

  4. Parish, where are we to comment on changes to your banner?
    Weren’t you trying to phase him out? Also, phonetic writing systems that aren’t, “roman?”

  5. Phase out the frog? Never! The Japanese is because that was my team emblem in the JP version of Pokemon. He’ll spell it out in the US game.

  6. You get to interview Keiji Inafune on the MM 20th? I hate you so bad.

    Ah, the Wopanese… once proud people of the nation of Scilipon. I’m Scilian, so I guess that maybe should offend me, but, uh, it doesn’t. ‘Cause, uh, I dunno, getting offended about shit like that is stupid.

    Also, Rev. Sharpton wouldn’t care, he only cares about epithets directed at black people. After all, he’s the one who dubbed New York “Hymietown.”

  7. This week’s Retronauts podcast was great. Okay, so there was a lot of talking over each other and Kathleen could not get a word in at the beginning, but you guys were having fun and gushing with love for Marathon and that made it good.

    I never played Marathon. I played Pathways into Darkness on my LC III and it seemed a little pokey (at least compared to Wolfenstein 3D on my friend’s PC) so I figured Marathon just wouldn’t work well for me. Plus, I think I was sidetracked by adventure games and strategy games. Pathways had a lot of interesting ideas – talking to dead people and getting the story from them was great and the Cthulhu-like tale creeped me out, but it was hard. I only beat the game because I used a cheat program to give myself tons of potions.

    I really should give Marathon a whirl sometime. I downloaded it two summers ago, but didn’t get much past the beginning.

  8. In the middle of hearing your ‘cast. I got upset because you’re not giving the hammer of storms its proper due.

    IPA. Learn it, love it, live it.

    Sorry to quote the un-source at you, but if you wanna be properly pretentious (and I know you do), you’ve gotta properly pronounce the names of your mythical superweapons.

    I’d best go don my strength doubling girdle(or “belt”) and prepare for the four or five people who tell me it’s been too long since I’ve read the eddas.

  9. Jeremy, what the heck caused last week’s Retronauts to be twice the file size as this week’s (and most other) episodes? You notice these things when your iPod’s a new 1GB Shuffle….

    And if we got Marathon, is there any chance for an X-Com episode? Especially with Firaxis putting out an X-Com scenario in the next Civ pack?

    (No, I’m not going to shut up about this.)

  10. Just a word about Freespace, Jeremy: It was never ment to be a Descent shoot/spin-off. They tact the name Descent (or Conflict in the UK) in the beginning of the title to avoid infringement, since “Freespace” was also a name of a utility software.

    They are somewhat developed by the same people (with parts of Volition joining Parallax).

  11. Dear Capcom: Please make a Mega Man game that is ACTUALLY a metroidvania and abandons all the stupid original Mega Man staples. Thank you.

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