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A long time ago, I watched an anime called They Were Eleven. Today, I finally got around to writing a… well, I don’t think it can accurately be called a review. You know how I sometimes free-associate about things and kind of halfway sort of express a vague opinion but mostly get all bogged down in stupid asides so you can’t really tell what the actual point is? Yeah. I wrote one of those.

Really, the point is that you should watch this movie sometime or Frol is totally gonna plug you between the eyes with her space taser.

I mean his. His space taser.

13 thoughts on “They were reviewed

  1. As long as he wipes his ‘space tazer’ on the sheets before he does his thing, then I’m game.

  2. Yeah, no food fight in the manga. I’d scan my copy for future generations, (along with another interesting shojo sci-fi story) but the spine is already broken in one spot and I’m pretty worried about it falling apart completely.

  3. god, i freaking LOVE this movie. saw it in japanese pop culture in college. so good.

  4. I saw They Were Eleven at Otakon in ’05, and liked it a lot… which isn’t to say I though it was GOOD. I mostly thought it was ridiculous and adorable, and that’s good in a way, I guess. My favorite moment was toward the beginning when the crew discovers that, of course, they were eleven, and the title dramatically flashes up just in case anyone didn’t get it.

    I do think they could have made Frol’s *ahem* situation a bit more clear prior to actually sitting everyone down and explaining it. Maybe it was just me, but when Tada saw him naked and rushed to everyone else to announce breathlessly that Frol’s a GIRL! I was like, “… no kidding.”

  5. The ridiculousness is a huge part of the charm, and yeah, we all had a good chuckle at the title. THEY WERE ELEVEN! indeed.

    I miss earnest anime. It seems like everything these days either takes earnesty so far it becomes self-importance (‘ZUP EVA), or it’s so self-effacing and satirical that you can’t take it seriously at all. As much as I’m all in favor of snark I miss sincerity sometimes.

  6. Mr. Parish, if you don’t mind me being all Anime Nerd for a moment, might I suggest checking out the recently released “Kamichu!” for your earnesty needs? It’s got a few odd quirks about it (like a cat named…*sigh*…Tyler Nyurden), but for the most part it’s just about as sweet and earnest as anime gets nowadays.

  7. Hmm, I’d never heard of that one. Sounds like the kind of thing I’d like, though. And it’ll be nice to watch some anime other than Haibane Renmei. I’m no fun when I’m mopey.

  8. Damn it! I can’t leave a comment on the Suidoken 2’s post! I like the game and that’s the best one among the suidoken series. Too bad I owned the import version, so i never really know the details of the story. Now I can’t find a cheap Engrish bersion! I never finished S4 because I couldn’t deal witht he slow pace of the game in the beginning, and you can only use 4 chracters in a game. The game is simply too slow. I haven’t tried the 5th one. May be i should rent it. However, I’m busy trying to unlock all the characters in Orochi Warriors. Yes, I’m of those people who alomst got all the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors game. Bu they are fun to play when I’m tyring to unlock the items, weapons, and characters. At least, Samurai Warriors give some more varieties in move sets. Orochi warroirs is chessy though becuase you can get killed in 4 hits even when you are level 99, stage level 3 stars, and in hard difficulty.

  9. I am a bad man. I really wanted to hear about a show called, “They Might Be Elven”.

  10. If you want quality storytelling in an recent anime, I’d suggest Mushishi. As far as I can tell, it’s a modern day retelling of japanese folk stories in anime form. Great artwork, mature tone, thoughtful stories.

  11. Sounds interesting. The synopsis makes it sound like it could be really dark but actually is not.

    I personally a fair share of the blame for the slash fiction that permeates the internet can be laid at the feet of She of Kink and Bondage AKA Mercedes Lackey. The half who didn’t get the idea from growing up on shoujo anime probably inherited it from her.

    I’m loving the anime recommendations so far. Kamichu! is great because it’s humor is usually subtler than most modern anime (N64 god anyone?) and Mushishi is eye candy for not only the physical senses but the mind as well. It’s a series that’s just relaxing to watch.

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