Meta and Mega, all in one delightful package

I’m fairly pleased with the way this week’s Bonus Stage turned out, even if it didn’t go entirely as planned. It was supposed to be an in-depth discussion of the classic Mega Man series (1 through 8 with maybe a little Mega Man & Bass for good measure) but mostly turned into us talking about how much MM2 rocked. Which I suppose is fair, because it did.

The ending credits are maybe a little over the top, though. And they’re kind of abrupt, but you can blame that on the fact that I was addled on drowsy sinus medicine last night when I edited everything. It seemed okay at the time, but I guess I can’t trust my judgement when I’m stoned on cold medication.

Also, weekly Retro Roundup, etc. etc.

22 thoughts on “Meta and Mega, all in one delightful package

  1. I totally dug the credits, though I do miss that “Fight on Megaman! For everlasting peace!” quote at the end.

  2. Whoa, you guys got the rock star on this week? Now THAT would be a catch for Retronauts.

  3. The pacing on that one was excellent. I think you’re really finding your groove here. But there was too much difference between the volume for the games and the talking sections. If you had a way to normalize the volume between these two parts, I would have not a single complaint.

  4. These bonus stages are getting better all the time. I too had alexb’s complaint that the voices of people talking were too quiet compared to the game music, but in terms of direction and editing this one was great, especially the credits.

    Is there a reason this isn’t showing up in iTunes as of 3pm Pacific?

  5. Is there a reason why Sharkey looks so completely pimp for the podcast? Is that how he always dresses?

  6. Sharkey was born a pimp. And unfortunately I have less control over the sound element of the podcast than I’d prefer.

  7. I liked this Bonus Stage, if only because it speaks to the Mega-dork in me. I totally mark out for Mega Man, even if he only puts in one quality game for every five he’s in.

    No love for the X series? It labored at the end, but the first two were amazing, and super hard in the good, old school way.

  8. So what are you gonna discuss next? MegaMan Dash/Legends, Zero series, ZX series, or ass-load of X series + Mission Command?

  9. tarbaby-man present in retronauts episode. Negative point attempt successfully thwarted.

  10. I liked how you included the hardest parts of Mega Man 1 that I could remember from my childhood. After attempting the Guts Man stage, I thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

  11. Honestly, you have to talk about the X series. Talk all about its ups and downs, making sure to end on an up because X8 was incredibly good compared to the handful before it.

  12. Very nice, but I agree on the sound thing. Last thing I want is Red coming out to rip my head off because I’m trying to hear the talking and then getting blown away by the game music bits.

    I have less control over the sound element of the podcast than I’d prefer.

    Whips: They’re not just for vampires.

    –LBD “Nytetrayn”

  13. Actually, you can borrow any of the ones on my desk if it’ll help.

    Audio levels didn’t bug me that much, though.

  14. “And unfortunately I have less control over the sound element of the podcast than I’d prefer.” Maybe you could try getting equipped with sub-titles?

  15. Nice bonus stage. By the way, did you know that your site is blocked by the Great Firewall of China? Everytime I visit the site, I have to use a proxy like youhide. Fun, no?

  16. Parish, I was hoping you’d mention one of the reasons MegaMan started going downhill after 3; one that no one else seems to get: charging up the megabuster.

    The earlier MM titles had a fast-paced feel that was really hampered when charged shots were introduced in part 4. Suddenly, enemies simply took more shots to kill and effective play meant sitting around at times waiting for your megabuster to power up. While this did add some strategy, it was at the cost of the faster-paced action of the earlier games, and it was a trade-off the series never recovered from.

    Introduction of charged megabuster = bad

  17. I hate to say it, but in hindsight, I agree with the Megabuster remark. The ‘buster did rob Megaman of a lot of the “run-n-gun” aspect. I think it was a logical design choice in the X games, where you’re powering up your armor anyway, but in classic Megaman it doesn’t make much sense other then just for the sake of having a big-ass default gun.

  18. “By the way, did you know that your site is blocked by the Great Firewall of China?”

    It has to. Gamespite threatens China’s important Vigra trade with its indominatable virility.

  19. Kunio: I’ve always been of the opinion that the Megabuster was one of those ideas which was good in theory but bad in practice. If anything, the developers should have focused on the Megabuster’s utility against bosses instead of introducing a hundred different foes who require more than a couple shots to take down… Though Megaman X5 and X6 still reign as the largest travesties of that nature.

  20. You know, that “megabuster” point made here is pretty good. I don’t know why that never occured to me before. Oh, and I’m ashamed to admit that the only NES Megaman I own is 6. I got it at a garage sale, though, if that helps.

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