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There are few things I hate more in this world than conducting interviews and being an on-camera/on-mike host. Naturally, I’ve volunteered to do all the above on a weekly basis, which should be all the proof anyone needs that I should not be allowed to make decisions for myself. I don’t even trust myself to tie my shoes these days; elastic laces are the future. And they only let me eat with a spoon.

But occasionally I am okay with my on-camera work, as in the case of this Penny Arcade: On the Precipice of Darkness interview. That’s because it’s less an interview than me and Jerry making jokes at each other while Joel from Hothead looks on in bemusement.

The one disappointment is that GameVideos trimmed the very important part where I asked if the possibility of time travel would result in Tycho facing off against his historical namesake. But I guess I can reveal here the very exclusive answer: No, and anyway it’s been a few centuries so the name is public domain at this point.

This is as close as I get to journalism, which is why I’m almost certainly in the wrong line of work. This week’s podcast probably won’t do much to change that perception, either. I was told that our podcasts should run closer to 90 minutes in length than not, but… I think I prefer shorter, more tightly knit discussions. Oh well! Next week: Rediscovering the soul of wit.

14 thoughts on “Talking Tycho Time

  1. Eh, journalism seems like it’d be full of dissapointments, anyway. I had wanted to go into that field but I sort of became disenchanted with the whole thing when I realized that no series of events would ever lead to me being able to use the headline “Perseus and Ramadan.”

  2. So unlike the Donkey Kong bonus stage which you predicted everyone would hate, this week’s retronauts podcast was a bit disappointing. Not in the content, which was fine and good, but in the editing. There were a bit too many moments of laughing at each other and off-topic mumbling.

    Still, the content proved true. I got a Master system a few years ago and Phantasy Star was the only game I really enjoyed. But now I will have to try Golvellius.

  3. Well, yeah, that’s exactly what I said in the post. I’m the only one at 1UP who does a lot of post-production editing on his podcast, and after trying everyone else’s approach of leaving in all the pauses and digressions I can say for certain that prefer the normal Retronauts style.

  4. Ever since that “I hope you like the text” strip, I had imagined Tycho’s voice pretty much as James Earl Jones saying, “This is indeed a disturbing universe”.

    He sounds like the nice cousin I never had. I’m undecided on whether that’s a good thing or not.

  5. Man, it’s been years since the last time I actually heard Tycho’s voice. I’d forgotten to just what an extent it clashes with his authoritative cyber-tone.

  6. Hearing Tycho talk (did he seriously just call something ‘pimp’?) is sort of like realizing that Parish doesn’t really spend half of his time depreciating his own conversation skills in real life. Only backwards.

    Tycho? Stay on the internet. Parish? Keep talking about things.

  7. Maybe it doesn’t come off so well in an interview, but I find Tycho in person to very much correlate with Tycho online (i.e., awesome in both contexts). And if you’re surprised to hear him say “pimp,” you may not be as familiar with him as you think.

  8. He seems friendlier and more open than I’d have expected. But then again, I find talking to just about anyone face to face to be intimidating, so that doesn’t really mean anything. Oh, I guess he mentions in the video about voice actors for Tycho and Gabe and how, yeah, fans would feel pretty upset if they got it “wrong,” etc. Makes me realize that I really don’t know WHAT Tycho and Gabe would sound like. Anyone else? (Whoa, hey, this sounds like a forum post. Let’s pretend this never happened).

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