Wii of the heart

It’s been a while since I last checked in on my ever-growing Mii Parade; it seems to be slowing down a bit, probably because I’m running into a realistic limit on how many Miis most people want to create and put on roam. And that is okay. It’s still growing at a fairly prodigious rate, as you can see:

Given the sum total to date, I guess I can say my Mii Parade is officially a successful enterprise.

I’m sorry. That was terrible.

Also! Thanks for the belated birthday wishes and whatever, but my lamentations re: my mortality memorial were not to be taken too seriously. When I’m actually upset about something, blogs are the last place I’d mention it. I know better than to trust the Internet with such fragile concepts as sincerity.

15 thoughts on “Wii of the heart

  1. Yeah, you never did friend me on the Wii, but it’s cool, you seem like you have your hands full, for sure.

    I’m probably one of the very few people that still, at least in my mid-twenties, gets really excited about my birthday. I bet I’ll still be having fun with it well into my 30’s. Still, that’s what mortality’s all about, I guess!

  2. You mean, you were not sincere with us? How rude!

    Also: I just saw some FFVII fanboy, not only call it the best game ever, but also refer to a certain summon as Bahumat. God, I hate the Internet.

  3. Parish, I actually groaned when I got the joke. Not only is it terrible, but I think it might be the most terrible joke ever written on the internet by a semi-respectable (i.e. not wearing a fursuit and/or diaper while posting) blogger.

    God. Did you think people were even going to get that? Jesus. If it wasn’t for Gundam video games requiring me to expand the part of the brain that memorizes model numbers I wouldn’t have gotten it, either.

  4. It took me a minute to get the joke, though I knew it had to be a play on Enterprise. ;)

    I’m completely jealous of the massive Mii collection. I’ve got a handful of friends with Wiis, but none of them have put any effort into Mii production. Aside from a couple of Battlestar Galactica characters and a really lousy looking Jack Bauer, my Mii parade is tragically empty!

  5. Oh. Model number. Right. *groan*

    My brain just kept going off in “I guess this job was a success!” directions. Too much time hanging around gaming sites has skewed my nerdy in-joke radar, I guess.

  6. Anyone who didn’t get that joke will be given a warning. Two more strikes, and you will be banned from the internet. Because, really, what would be the point?

  7. The only joke about that reference are the people who actually get it.

    I’m sorry, that was mean. I mean, NO I’m not sorry because I’m mean. Wait, I mean…. Oh, I don’t know anymore.

  8. What Moran said.

    Normally, I find comfort in such little jokes, but dude. That’s so geek it’s two steps away from 1557. And that’s scary.

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