The adventure of links

So based on the amazing response to yesterday’s post — fewest comments ever! — I have to conclude that no one understands the simple-mindedly violent genius of Golgo 13. Sometimes I don’t even know you people. So today it’s link dump mania. Noisy children, see what you get!

Oekaki, it’s gonna get rocky: It’s probably a bad idea, but I’ve installed my very own Oekaki board. Or rather, our very own. It’s for everyone! (Except people who like to draw genitals.) Please register and draw stuff. I’m sure you will provide fabulous collective entertainment for a few weeks until interest drops off as it has with the forums. But man, those few weeks are gonna be rad. P.S., never mind the registration mailer error message — I’ll make manual confirmations a few times each day.

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts ‘N Humiliation: Speaking of the forums, this week’s 1CC project is Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts. How many points can you earn without continuing? My guess: Not very damn many. I will be participating, too, although I’ve left my twitch gaming skills in my other pants. The ones I burned in celebration after finishing Battletoads.

Retronauts is also a blog (again): Remember when Retronauts was just a bunch of video game musings, and you didn’t have to hear my grating voice and halting attempts at spoken communication every time you wanted commentary on classic games? Yeah, well, I’m doing that again, beginning with a write-up on the completely fantastic Monster World Collection edition of Sega Ages. The weekly Retro Roundup series will also have a convenient hub page at some point today, so tell your friends. Between that and the blog and the podcast and the video thing I fully anticipate expanding to devour the entire 1UP network by 2009.

No one punched me at GDC: Even though I wrote excessively lengthy and poorly-thought-out articles on Super Paper Mario, this thing where Koji Kondo opening the hatch on the top of his skull and letting you peep at his brain, a bit in which we see Eiji Aonuma talking about how unimaginative Twilight Princess was, a lamentation about Koji Igarashi using the janky 3D Castlevanias as rationalization for reverting the entire medium back to 2D and finally some heretical Square Enix guys washing their hands of the phrase “Son of a submariner” — read at your own peril.

That is all: Go outside. Play in traffic. It’s good for you.

25 thoughts on “The adventure of links

  1. I just want you to know, I have nothing to say about your Golgo-13 love. Or about your Cromartie love. Other than, maybe you should have done a little more for Cromartie. They’re your friends, you know?

  2. You realize you’ve invited my endless zealotry for nonsensical Mega Man fan-art upon your virgin oekaki.

    You brought this on yourself.

  3. “the golgo 13 thing was well written. too well written for me to have anything to add.”


  4. If you reviewed a manga that I’ve actually read, I’d have something to say. It’s not that I don’t care about Golgo 13, he sounds awesome. I’ve just never seen a volume for sale anywhere. I could write about “Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga” until the cows come home, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to have read it.

    Has interest in boards dropped off? Did I miss a memo?

  5. Well, obviously, TheSL, but the laws of physics dictate that any time someone is punched in the face a tooth goes flying, regardless of species, gender or age. Unless it’s an old person, in which case it’s an entire set of dentures (and therefore many times funnier). It’s similar to the rule that a massive vehicular explosion is always accompanied by a lone tire bouncing out of the wreckage.

  6. well, its more like, you read something, and it’s so complete that you are left saying, “ah, that was well written, and i have nothing to add”. As opposed to, “ah, that was well written, but i can bring something else to the table”.

  7. I think your “interest drops off as it has with the forums” comment karmicly brought down the forums and the site.

  8. Sorry bro, Ive only seen the 80’s anime (awesome btw) played the 8bit games and saw a Golgo 13 slot machine at a grocery store here, for some reason. It said it was (he was?) ‘the perfect machine of snipe’. Kinda weird next to the deli sandwiches….

    Oh and I also have seen the awful Sonny Chiba movie.

    I remember in an old Nintendo Power (8bit era) that there was a side bar about Golgo13 manga, which is weird despite its connection to Mafat Conspiracy and Top Secret Episode, as the manga I assume, are like the anime, full of debauchery and killing.

  9. I think they safely assumed that no innocent American child would ever be able to find the series since the few ’80s volumes were way out of print by that point.

    Dunno what happened to the site. Brain fart. Lost some comments. So sad.

  10. In all fairness, I’m pretty sure the reason a single person left a comment in your last entry is because he’s the only one Golgo hadn’t yet killed at the time.

  11. I am proud to be the only damn comment in the least commented post, and even prouder that I didn’t talk about what the post was actually about.

  12. Holy reversed web designs, Parish!

    That said, what the hell does “oeaki” mean? Apologies in advance for being a non-taku.

  13. I never cared for Golgo 13… not the game, not the comic, and certainly not the film. While watching it, I kept hoping there was a sniper hiding somewhere, ready to blow my brains out and end my pain. Or he could have just targeted my VCR… that probably would have been less messy.


  14. Wait, are people downing on the awesome Golgo 13 movie starring Sonny Chiba? What’s going on? The comments, the layout–this must be the mirror universe!

  15. Maybe I should have picked up on this, but does Super Paper Mario contain any of the Metroidvania elements you expressed a desire for in some earlier post (I can’t remember which one)? Knocking off hit points in real time, progressively stronger enemies, and stuff like that?

  16. You probably already know this, but the sublime Monster World IV -does- have an English translation… unofficially. You can find it archived at and apply the patch to your personally dumped copy of the game. I’ve met the guy who translated it, actually — he does tech stuff for a major bank in SF now.

  17. You finished Battletoads? You know, dude, I usually take what you say at face value, but… you made that shit up. No one finished Battletoads. Everyone died on that speeder-bike level and threw the controller against the wall. Hard.

    Ok, maybe you did beat Battletoads, but if you did, you did it alone. Because if everyone didn’t die on the speeder-bike level… their player 2 did.

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