Roundup of blood

Yeah, you know the routine. It’s Monday, I did a video thing. No need to gripe about the lack of in-depth game footage, I freaking know already. It was a rough weekend for me. I need a video slave to record this stuff for me, and no foolin’ about that.

I’ve also bumped the weekly Retro Roundup to Mondays. Obscure games are praised! The Big Lebowski is referenced! 75% thumbs-up provided! Have a cookie.

Also, Sharkey resurrected some of my old artwork for a completely boss new feature by Nadia. You should read it. Go on, it’s free.

This week: I’m actually going to blog about stuff. Really.

27 thoughts on “Roundup of blood

  1. “I’m actually going to blog about stuff. Really.”

    Don’t make promises you may not keep. My heart would not be able to take it.

  2. The obligatory girl is named “Chick”? The four faceless youths are simply One, Two, Three, and Four? Greatness.

  3. That frog in the upper left hand corner makes me think you should start a “Where’s Toastyfrog?” book series.

  4. You mean you didn’t notice?
    In one of the game clips, halfway through the video, upper left corner. Small Frog face. I instantly thought it was your doing.

  5. Nice Rorita cameo.

    Yes, More Final Fantasy blogging and retronauts please, its never a bad thing. If you give Final Fantasy the same kind of treatment that you gave the various console anniversary articles then it should be a good read (or show)

  6. Oh, yes. Embarrasment, I had forgotten how you felt. I was reading the article and while the video finished loading. Blame my hazy memory and my slow connection.

  7. Also. Jesus man. I read the aging gracefully thing. I am of the opinion that the more “iconic” a character is( the less “personality” it has and the more it represents something), the more I identify with that particular character. I guess that what I am trying to say is that there is a reason I do not give a shit about the current video game console generation other that it being too expensive.

  8. This week’s bonus stage comlaint: no obvious or unintentional references to Bourgeois Merideth. A small piece of me has died watchig this video. I wish to be indemnified for this loss with 2 McDonald’s Fillet O’fish sammiches. Thank you.

    (bums like me are entitled to misspell people’s names)

  9. Actually, this week’s bonus stage seems awfully strange to me on a personal level. I knew a guy who tried to play through FF1 with a party of all black mages. Did he name the characters SHIT, AHHH, WOOO, and BEDO respectively? Man, that guy was monumentally screwed up. He must’ve been infected with toxoplasmosis or something.

  10. Nice videoblog… that STAB/HIT/TAKE/HEAL you guys named your FF1 characters is a reference to some game somewhere, right? I’m having a total brain fart and can’t remember which one.

  11. “…until you could turn him into a Ninja, in which case he would simply be SUCK.”

    Its really too bad you didn’t suggest the name SHIT, because combined with the name you’re griping about it would have made the character in question a mushroom.

  12. “No, it’s much more prosaic. I simply named each character for his most salient ability.” So when you say TAKE do you mean – “TAKE”s up space until he becomes a ninja?

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