Millennial Parade

It’s very strange to see how much attention that Mii Parade has netted — something like 85,000 views. All that, for a bunch of tiny computer people running in a straight line. People’s reactions have been very unusual as well, often ranging into outright hostility. I keep thinking I understand the Internet’s collective mind, but then something like this reminds me that I’m just fooling myself about these angry young men. (And women. But mostly men. And men who want you to think they’re women.)

But make no mistake. A thousand-Mii parade is not an accomplishment. Yet neither is it indicative of someone in desperate need of getting a life. In fact, it simply represents what might in fact be the least effort I have invested in anything, ever. I added a few dozen codes to my Wii’s Address Book back in November over the course of a few weeks, and the system has done the rest for me. Even when I had the console unplugged for 10 days over Christmas break — I came back home and turned it on to find something like 80 Miis had been queued up while I was away.

My girlfriend sometimes accuses me of being passive-aggressive, but now I have proof that I am not. I am passive-aggregative.

The massive Mii parade does seem to throw a few kinks into my system; sometimes when moving into the Mii Plaza my Wii will hang for a minute or so on a black screen — usually when more than a dozen have appeared. And it’s made me really tired of Jesus Miis, that’s for damn sure.

Anyway, since it seems that 1,000 isn’t the limit, I’m determined to sort out precisely what is the ceiling for Parade participants. I still have a few pages blank in my Address Book, so if you’ve added my code and I haven’t reciprocated drop me a line to goad me into action. And remember that there’s a perpetual Wii code thread in Talking Time in case you’re interested in growing yourself a burgeoning Mii garden of your own.

14 thoughts on “Millennial Parade

  1. Good to see we’ll finally get this thing fixed, as I added you a long time ago.

    My console number is 2036-8919-1111-4558. I’ll also post this on the ‘board, as I’m too lazy to look for your email.

  2. I was very impressed by the Mii parade. The fact that I turned away from the running video to chat with a coworker for at least a minute, then turned back to find it was still going… well that just warmed my heart. I’m also pretty sure I saw my ugly Santa Claus run by at some point…

    Congratulations for succeeding at lack of effort!

  3. I’m at 1750-4154-4502-4596. I don’t think we have a Jesus, but we definitely have a Hitler (that mustache is far too tempting).

  4. My Wii number is 7798-3301-5638-4174 . Don’t worry, most of my family and friends aren’t set to mingle. It’s mostly me, a few friends, and comic book characters that are out there in the Wii world.

  5. Despite the total lack of effort on your part I still find your Mii parade aww inspiring. Anyways here’s my console code: 2487 0369 3085 8943

  6. WHY must you remind me of STYX?
    You see the world through your cynical eyes
    You’re a troubled young man I can tell
    You’ve got it all in the palm of your hand
    But your hand’s wet with sweat and your head needs a rest
    And you’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe it
    There, out of my system.

  7. I think the time my blog got it’s most views ever was when I simply posted a random video from google videos on it. Kinda sad really, knowing that a good percentage of internet traffic is based around watching mindless random videos.

  8. 7345 4016 9574 7948

    Hey, longtime reader here, so I guess it would be alright to share Wii codes. My parade is sad. I’ve three friends registered over the course of the past week since I’ve gotten my sister. I guess this is partially due to the fact that I’ve plucked a couple of people out the parade, but I only have two little people making a bee-line for the bottom of the screen. Looooonely Wii…

  9. I mostly just sent it to random people who happened to have Mii representations of themselves in there.
    Their individual reactions went from jovial (my ex-girlfriend in the yellow shirt at the beginning) to outright confused (my friend Griphus, the bald one around the 290 point)

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