Million Mii march

So I guess 1,000 isn’t the upper limit on the Mii Parade after all.

Thanks to all who made this possible. You’re the real heroes. (P.S., if the Flash player doesn’t work for you, you can view the video here. You can also vote it a 10 because it’s so crazy awesome.)

And hey! Retronauts has returned from the grave, complete with a theme and everything. Monday will (hopefully) also see the debut of our video mini-podcast, Retronauts Bonus Stage. It’s going to be great. I think?

Also online is this week’s Retro Roundup. This marks two months without a missed installment — how unusually reliable of me. Now if only I could talk the powers-that-be into creating a hub page for the series.

26 thoughts on “Million Mii march

  1. I just thought it was kind of odd that out of over 1000 in the parade the Mii of myself and my brother just happen to be marching side-by-side.

  2. Do the Miis in the Mii Parade have any significant impact on the Wii’s internal memory?

  3. I don’t think I saw any of our Miis, but then again the drip-drop sound of the Miis running is … hypnotic…

  4. The character clustering isn’t as random a coincidence as you might expect. I’ve noticed that the parade order reflects the order in which Miis migrate, with the most recent additions first. The guys bringing up the rear have been there since November. And it seems that Miis from a given Wii tend to migrate together.

  5. No RPG boss battle in history ever gave me as much satisfaction as bringing down Luca Blight. He was a big fat bastard, but he knew it and was non-repentant.

    He also had a seriously nasty past, but instead of going emo, he simply chose to go crazy and kill everyone as soon as he was old enough.

  6. Awesome. Dr. Skull was the last Mii across the finish line. I think I saw a few of our literary figures in there as well. Sadly, my Carmilla doesn’t seem to be part of your parade (yet). Nor did I see myself, but whatevs.

    All in all, that is an impressive and terrifying video.

  7. I can only assume the Miis I created that were not in your parade were so impressive they were added to your plaza.

    Yes, that is the only explanation.

  8. Hooray! I saw Desu-chan waddle down the right at 55-59 seconds! You can’t miss her! I think i saw Samuel and P2. Not sure though, since lots of people made Luigi’s, and i’m sure plenty people tried to make Samuel L. Jackson too.

  9. My tremendously bad rendition of “Death Note’s” L was in the parade. I feel so ashamed. Also, if anyone recognized Bobobo in there, that was mine too. I think I saw a few more of mine, but they didn’t really matter.

  10. So that was your Bobobo. I had to make my own Bobobo because the skin color was too off, then I felt bad about myself for making a Bobobo Mii. Thanks a lot.

  11. Hah, I saw some of mine. Maybe there is no upper limit? I know I wouldn’t have expected 1,000+.

  12. Does this make semse: Thw Wii can hold 100 Mii’s, and your address book can store 100 friend codes. In theory, the upper limit should be 10,000.

  13. I’m pretty sure that, years from now, this will be looked upon as one of mankind’s greatet accomplishments (that, or our robot masters will point to it as the reason our pathetic race needs their guidance).

  14. Nicolai, do you need to be in their address book to show up in their parade? Parish is somewhere in my address book and, though he hasn’t reciprocated, one of my Miis is at the front of his parade. 10,000 would make sense, but getting to that number might be a little different if you can just foist Miis on people.

  15. First time listener of the podcast and I really enjoyed it. Its nice to hear people really appreciate game music. Growing up, i always thought i was alone when it came to liking music in games lol,

  16. Keep up with the weekly podcasts Jeremy…it’s my favorite and I look forward to them. I’ve been gaming for 20 years and it’s great to hear about retro gaming.

  17. Sequelitis!
    Give us Retronauts music part 2 now.
    It was great! I thought 70+ minutes was going to be a bore but the music interludes really made everything so awesome.

    On part 2 you should about less popular titles (at least less popular than Final Fantasy and Mario) such as Dragon Spirit, Double Dragon, Star Fox (SNES version only), Castlevania 2 (Game Boy), Blaster Master, Shadowgate 64 (listen to that Cathedral and Cemetery music, seriously), Super Mario Land, Goldeneye 077 (Runway and Surface level to the win), Arcana (SNES), Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (my.. mystic… quest quest quest)… ok I’ll stop now.

    I’d like to point a mistake no one has bothered to point yet, due to not caring or not knowing… but at 62:30 of the podcast someone wrote about Castlevania Rondo of Blood’s “Den” track and the music you put was actually “Beginning” (CV3) from Rondo of Blood.

    I know that probably can’t be fixed now but I just thought you should know.

    Now on with part 2! Please?

  18. Ok well you did have Double Dragon music. I wasn’t done with the podcast when I made that post.

    I can’t belive no one mentioned the Lagoon and Top Gear soundtrack, which despite what that guy that wrote in (about Super Hang On having the best racing ST), Top Gear still reigns supreme in the music department.

    So seriously, next time you should make a music RN about soundtracks in overlooked games.

    You can check out my really old ass blog with some overlooked/obscure SNES games with great soundtracks:

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