Since people keep asking me about it — much to my surprise, as I was unaware anyone actually cared — Retronauts will be returning tomorrow with a rather lengthy podcast. I make no guarantees for its quality, as ever, but since it’s a game music-oriented episode I can edit in lots of game tunes to compensate for any inadequacies. Also, the video Retronauts that we tested with the “beta” episode is getting a second shot at life sometime soon, although it’ll be rather different than the “pale nerds sitting in a studio” format. Because really, that’s about the worst idea for video ever. (See also: 95% of original content on YouTube.)

Our import of Wario: Master of Disguise finally arrived, about a week late. Thanks for that, UPS, you useless sacks of crap. I have been looking forward to MoD ever since I learned of its existence, although with no small amount of trepidation. Last year was a sort of platformer revival, but unfortunately they were only half-revived, and the last thing the world needs is another iffy 2D retread to convince people that the genre was better off dead. Really, world, 2D platformers can be quite excellent. You know, when developers put people who have a clue what they’re doing in charge.

Fortunately, MoD seems to be mostly good so far — certainly better than I feared when I first heard terrible rumors of touchscreen control. I’ll have a 1UP preview posted later today, I guess, but it’s enough for now to know that it is not an abomination. (Even though the touchscreen rumors were true.)

Edit: Word up, America. The preview is up. Also! This is an incredible feature you need to read right now. It might change your life. Or maybe not. I dunno.

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  1. Dude, Retronauts is awesome. I listen to it at my boring office job every time a new one comes out and it really helps get me through the day. I say keep it up. And stick with audio, as I don’t want to be forced to buy a video iPod. >.

  2. I am looking forward to WMD! Although I am a little unconvinced that drawing a checkmark or circle or hat to transform is an amazingly compelling usage of the touchscreen. In fact, I think it might be easier and just as fun to select the modes with from a menu, with the standard buttons. Touchscreen for mini-games sounds good, though.

  3. Would that be forced touchscreen control? I don’t mind if it’s an option, but I’d hate to be strongarmed into it. Unless, of course, it really works well, like Kirby Canvas Curse. But it doesn’t look like Wario is bouncing around in ball form up there, so I have my doubts…

  4. Man, your acronym is superior. Damn.

    Touch screen is compulsory. I’d compare the controls to Sisters Mode in Portrait of Ruin, except friendly to the left-handed.

  5. “Since people keep asking me about it — much to my surprise, as I was unaware anyone actually cared — Retronauts will be returning tomorrow with a rather lengthy podcast.”

    Finally…another podcast (yes, we do care). Hopefully they’ll be weekly again.

    A video “podcast” every now and then would be great too (I definitely enjoyed the beta video about the SNES & Metroid).

  6. Not only do I enjoy Retronauts, I have to compose some cues as part of my music major capstone, and I was planning on integrating video game music. Suffice it to say, bring on the ‘nauts.

  7. Did you ever get around to playing the awesome Virtual Boy Wario game? Minus the whole headache/dizzy factor, I think it’s totally worth playing. Also, just who exactly is Suzak? Does anyone know if that team shares any members with previous Wario development team(s)?

  8. Suzak is no great shakes, going strictly by the company’s resume: WMD is better than you’d expect, going by that list. It’s definitely not by the usual Wario crew, though, as it lacks the usual trademarks (like the weird scratchy samples and incredible music).

  9. Aw… I’m going to miss that awesome sound design. Wario Land 4 was the first GBA game that made me actually stop and just listen to the music. It was crazy cool. Seeing what they went on to do in Wario Ware and especially Rhythm Tengoku, I think it’s safe to say they got more out of the GBA’s sound capabilites than any other team.

  10. I’m going to be totally non-specific here, but I wonder if 2D platformers are like the old genres of literature from the 18th and 19th centuries. You know, the ones that were a product of their time and place that can’t be written anymore because the necessary context no longer exist. Hayao Miyazaki said something along the lines of fresco painters no longer exist because their culture is gone, but we can celebrate the culture of today.

  11. I can sort of see that. When sprites were all there were, developers did everything they could to make the most beautiful environments, the most stylish animations, and the most ingenious level design they could. But with the proliferation of 3D graphics, 2D games were no longer given the same attention by either consumers or developers. Hence, they’ve been relegated to just “something on the side,” and in all but the rarest cases, they look and play the part.

  12. Every time I look at screen-shots of W:Mod, it keeps reminding me how boring NSMB was. I really hope it turns out much better…

  13. Those are some nice and clean Wario DS screenshots…. hmmm….

    We all love retronauts so don’t go into self pity mode so we all tell you how much we like it :P
    And what happened to the retro roundup this week?

  14. Hurrah! I can hardly wait for the new ‘nauts. That and the Mega64 podcasts are what help me get through boring/stressful days at work.

  15. w00t for more Retronauts. I love listening at work. It helps speed an otherwise boring day along. If it were to become a weekly podcast I would be forever in your debt.


  16. I’m very happy to hear that Wario MoD isn’t a lost cause!

    the horrible visuals and MYSTERIOUS YET TERRIFYING touchscreen controls were definite cause for concern.

  17. You mean Yoshi’s Island DS was made by possibly shady developer Tose instead of confirmed shady developer Artoon? My world is falling apart around me!

    That article’s actually very interesting. Really makes a lot of buisness sense when it comes to ports and such.

  18. I’d only heard of TOSE in passing. It was interesting to get an inside look and hear their side of it. Good read.

  19. I have to confess, I can’t even go to the Shop Channel unless there’s a Parish Retro Roundup to tell me what to get. Of course I skip all the Nintendo-console games I already own, but for the rest, it’s a life saver and the only way I don’t end up buying everything!

  20. That’s going a little far, but it is heartening to know people do listen to Retronauts. I don’t have any way to check the numbers so I’ve been working in a feedback vacuum.

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