The new moral cancer

Oh, look, I’ve finally launched my comic in earnest. Except it’s not really a comic. It has little comic bits in it, sure, but mostly it’s text. This presentation format is hardly an original idea, since Dave Sim already did it for much of Cerberus. The difference being that I lack Sim’s talent, and I won’t be launching into misogynistic diatribes. It’s a tradeoff, you see.

ToastyFrog (the story) will only be updated once a week, and there’s not all that much art going on. See? Not a comic. It’s okay if you don’t like it. I’m really only doing this for my own satisfaction, which is why it’s tucked away in a little corner of the site rather than being published here on the main page. Anyway, you can read the first part. Or you can skip it and wait for me to go back to talking about video games. Suit yourself.