The dungeon crawl episode

Hey! My official Izuna preview — official in the sense that it was part of my day job, not that it’s endorsed by the publisher or anything — is now online, for those who read the previous entry and wondered what precisely Izuna was all about. Hint: oh-so-mysterious dungeons. The forum kids are getting all tingly about some very naughty official art which apparently came from Atlus’ Japanese site, but based on what I’ve seen of the gameplay all rumors of hot ninja-on-ninja action are, thus far, wholly unfounded.

In other dungeon crawling news, I polished up the elderly Brandish “Gauntlet of Pain” piece a bit since it appears that Kurt has linked to it in a new article and it’s terribly embarrassing to be caught with my CSS down. Something horrible happened to my stylesheets in the server transition and most of my wiki articles now look absolutely awful, so there’s quite a bit of tidying up to be done within the murky depths of this site.

Aaaand to complete the Trifecta, I’m slowly making further progress into FFXII. This morning I made my first genuine foray into the Zertinan Caverns — that’s “genuine” in the sense that I didn’t step inside, encounter viciously overwhelming bad guys and immediately turn tail. I was going to say genuine meant I knew what I was getting into, but clearly I didn’t since I unexpectedly came face to face with a beast who took me roughly half an hour and an awful lot of abuse of the “revive and heal the reserve party” trick to defeat. If nothing else, FFXII excels at keeping me humble; I was starting to feel maybe a little overly confident after totally breezing through the encounter immediately after acquiring the Sword of Kings, but Zertinan certainly knows how to divest me of any sense of self-confidence.

See? How humiliatin’.

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  1. You’re talking about Adrammelech, I presume? I went into that fight completely unprepared, myself — I didn’t even have any long-range weapons that I could hit him with. Status Ailments and Zombie rush didn’t help matters much, either. In the end, I just Quickening’d him to death. I think I went three or four quickening chains before I managed to take him down.

    Interestingly enough, the character I assigned him to was Penelo.

  2. Adrammelech? He’s weak against Blizzard. Not that that information matters much to you now, but… yeah.

  3. Usually, I find your updates entertaining, but this time… I didn’t understand a word. I guess I’m not into the “hip” games these days.

    Woe is me.

  4. I’m torn on Izuna. The dialog looks snappy and the character is adorable in a non-creepy way, but that type of gameplay sounds like it would send me running for the hills. Guess I’ll have to rent.

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