A decade of dissipation

Today is December 15, 2006… which by my notes means it’s been exactly ten years since the very first version of this site went online in its horrible, prototypical form as a Geocities page mostly consisting of not-yet-created links. (Not unlike all the non-existant wiki links hidden within the site’s current incarnation.)

Ah, Geocities, how I don’t miss you at all. The overloaded servers, the terrible “site builder” function that crawled even on a T1 line, the inexplicable section naming conventions. But you allowed me to post a website that used a gigantic-for-the-time 190Kb animated gif of a frog bursting into flames as the header, and things only went downhill from there.

To celebrate this unhappy occasion, I’m planting my face despairingly in my hands while sighing in disgust at ten years of time wasted. And also phasing out the toastyfrog.com domain. Yeah, screw you, Google index ranking. It’s time to move along.

And speaking of moving along, pretty much all the stuff I sold off to fund the server move is priority mailing itself to the proper recipient. Concerned parties may email me with their zip codes and receive a delivery confirmation number in return.

24 thoughts on “A decade of dissipation

  1. Does this mean you’re phasing out the entire Toastyfrog thing? Cause that means I’ve got an outdated Mii. Two if you count Rorita.

  2. Congratulations, Toasty.
    Are you going to a little retrospective sorta article?
    That’d be cool. Maybe you can post some of the early zines?

  3. To quote the King of all Cosmos: “We are so disappointed.”
    Well, I guess I’ll just keep waiting.

  4. “To celebrate this unhappy occasion, I’m planting my face despairingly in my hands while sighing in disgust at ten years of time wasted.”
    Oh, you dramatic man! Congratulations on 10 years of toasty-fying the Internet!

  5. I still want the rest of the Toastyfrog “graphic novel”!
    Oh and re-open the thumbnail theatres


    Also, I’m certainly not getting rid of ToastyFrog! The character, I mean. That would be dumb.

  7. Well, conglaturation or condolences, depending on which seems more appropriate. Always an enjoyable site on the visiting end. And for what it’s worth I’ve purchased more than a couple games over the years based on your opinions of them, not the least of which is Vagrant Story, and have never regretted it.

    (Except Xenosaga, which I picked up to see if it could really be that bad. Oh lord yes, yes it can.)

  8. Oooh, such a short time and we already part ways o Toastyfrog.com!
    I guess I’m down with the namechange though, it just means I have to change my bookmarks…wow, I’ve got a lot of those now. Holy Crap.

  9. Man, I’m not letting the name lapse… that would be really dumb. I’m just going to be redirecting the traffic to a different domain name, as happens now.

    Easter egg: can you find the other domains that redirect to gamespite.net? There are six besides toastyfrog.com.

  10. If you’re not getting rid of Toastifer, when the hell are you going to use him again?
    Sub-question: Is it an easter egg if you announce it?

  11. Maybe you understand now how despite fan outcry, George Lucas will always regret Han Solo shooting first, Steven Spielberg wishes ET was hunted using flashlights and not guns, and Leonard Nemoy hated being associated with Spock (for awhile anyway). What seems like heresy to fans may fit in perfectly to the grand plan the auteur always envisioned – even if it’s a silly grand plan as far as the rest of us are concerned. I say, be happy with your new site name. Keep it for a long while. As a bonus, if you finally cave in and turn it back, we fans will be so overjoyed that we’ll pretend the sequel was never made and even buy the remastered extended edition (complete with included figurine).

  12. Hey! I, too, planted my face despairingly in my hands while sighing in disgust at time wasted on December 15th. Though for me it’s because the day marks my own birthday.

  13. You’re too hard on yourself, Parish. Your site’s been mostly great as long as I’ve looked at it ^_^

    Anyway, keep up the good work under the new name!

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